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Reading Comprehension • Language Arts 99
& Practice: Comprehension
Grade-specific reproducible resources include mini- lessons focused on specific genres. Multiple levels of each passage for quick and easy differentiation. Critical thinking and text-dependent questions for each set of passages. Includes graphic organizers.
Each set includes 30 laminated trifolds: 10 Fiction/Fiction, 10 Fiction/Nonfiction, and 10 Nonfiction/Nonfiction
Instant Workstations: Genre Studies with 30 Paired Passages
This series promotes students’ cognitive development through a deeper understanding of the unique text features of different genres using paired passages with Depth of Knowledge questions for Recall, Skill/Con- cept, Strategic Thinking, and Extended Thinking. Each set includes 30 laminated trifolds, a 208-page Teacher’s Edition with reproducible copies of each trifold for extended learning and assessment, and a storage box. $39.99 Each
Meaningful Mini-Lessons
NL-4703 Grade 1 NL-4704 Grade 2
Leveled Poems for
NL-4705 Grade 3 NL-4706 Grade 4
NL-4707 Grade 5 NL-4708 Grade 6
136 pages.
NL-5408 NL-5409 NL-5410
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
$18.99 Each
NL-5411 Grade 4 NL-5412 Grade 5 NL-5413 Grade 6
Set of all 9 books
Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Primary Reading
This interactive structure has students quizzing each other on a range of early reading skills. Topics include sounding out beginning, middle, and ending sounds, building CVC words, syllables, and more. Students will progress from simple skills to reading simple sentences to combining simple sentences. 232 pages. Grades K–2
Specific Reading Skills
Small-Group Reading Lessons
Match each reader in your class to the perfect poem with this big collection of poetry correlated with guided-reading levels E-N. These 40 poems are engag- ing and reproducible, so they’re just right for group learning or independent reading. Plus, each poem includes a quick mini-lesson to help you teach key reading skills as well as the must-know features of poetry. 96 pages. Grades 1–3
Watch comprehension soar as students develop essential reading skills! Each book features a high-interest topic and emphasizes a particular reading skill. Students read to find facts, draw conclusions, distinguish fact from opinion, make inferences, and more! 28-32 pages. Interest Level Grades 4–8;
Reading Level 3–4.
$7.99 Each REM4001 Locating Information
REM4002 Fact and Opinion REM4003 Making Inferences REM4006 Summarizing
REM445 REM484 REM489A REM489B REM490
Reading to Understand Finding the Main Idea Reading for Details, Lev. 3 Reading for Details, Lev. 4 Comparing
Read & Understand
With Leveled Texts
Supplement your core reading program with texts leveled according to guided reading or Lexile® leveling criteria. Each selection is accompanied by follow-up activities for compre- hension, vocabulary, and other reading skills, making it an easy and effective way to provide extra reading practice and test
Reading Strategies
Bulletin Board Set
preparation. 160 pages.
$21.99 Each EMC3445 Grade 5 EMC3446 Grade 6
A great at-a-glance reference for students to recall 7 important comprehension strategies! Includes a 17" x 24" chart, 7 die-cut strategy pieces, and a resource guide.
CD-110103 $12.99
EMC3440 Grade K EMC3441 Grade 1 EMC3442 Grade 2
EMC3443 Grade 3 EMC3444 Grade 4

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