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102 Language Arts • Close Reading & Test Practice
Close Reading
with Paired Texts
Each easy-to-use resource encom- passes close reading and reciprocal teaching strategies, text sets, text- dependent questions, and activities to build each student’s vocabulary, read- ing fluency, writing skills, and compre- hension skills. Includes 24 texts across the content areas. Supports college and career readiness. 128 pages. $19.99 Each
Comprehending Text
Using Literal, Inferential
& Applied Questioning
Use a variety of different text from multiple genres to support close reading and comprehension in the classroom. Each passage is followed by literal, inferential, and applied questions to determine the reader’s comprehension of the material. The activities are designed to teach students to examine meaning thoroughly and analytically. 112 pages. $14.99 Each
SEP51356 Grade K SEP51357 Grade 1 SEP51358 Grade 2 SEP51359 Grade 3
SEP51360 Grade 4 SEP51361 Grade 5 SEP51735 Grades 6+ NEW!
TCR8248 Grade 5 TCR8249 Grade 6 TCR8250 Grades 7–8
TCR8236 Grade 1 TCR8239 Grade 2 TCR8240 Grade 3 TCR8247 Grade 4
Conquer Close Reading
Quick, effective mini-lessons with fiction and nonfic- tion passages build close reading skills. Features include an annotation space alongside each reading passage, writing prompts to encourage students
to develop evidence-based responses and graphic organizers to help students organize ideas and build
Leveled Text-Dependent
Question Stems
Enable students to study broad concepts, such as text structure and point of view, as well as analyze the overarching themes, concepts, arguments, and claims presented in texts. Help students analyze words and sentences within texts to determine the specific meanings and connotations of particular words and phrases. Supports college and career readiness. 160 pages. Grades K–12
understanding. 128 pages. NL-3271 Grade 2 NL-3272 Grade 3 NL-3273 Grade 4
$21.99 Each NL-3274 Grade 5
NL-3275 Grade 6
Comprehension Skills
40 Short Passages for Close Reading
Students should be able to read closely to determine what a text says explicitly, make logical references from it, and cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions drawn from the text. Each of the 40 short, fiction and nonfiction passages in this collec- tion includes companion comprehension questions that target these critical reading skills. 48 pages. $10.99 Each
SC-546052 Grade 1
SC-546053 Grade 2
SC-546054 Grade 3
SC-546055 Grade 4 SC-546056 Grade 5 SC-546057 Grade 6
Quick Flip Reference
for Close Reading &
Text-Dependent Questions
This handy flip book includes steps in
a close reading lesson plan and text- dependent question stems for Common Core Reading Standards. 61⁄2" x 101⁄2".
14 pages.
EP-60670 $9.99
Close Reading Bulletin Board Set
This display encourages students to read texts multiple times, to interact with texts using think marks, to examine texts in detail, and to reflect critically.
10 pieces. Grades 1–5
CD-110381 $12.99
Rock ‘N Learn®
Reading Comprehension DVD Test-Taking Strategies
Learn to read for meaning and prepare for tests. Students learn to skillfully read passages, find key words, and make inferences. Approx. 46 min. Grades 2–4
RL-200 $14.99
Common Core Reading: Warm-Ups & Test Practice
Students build skills addressing key standards by reading short fiction and nonfiction passages, and answering text-dependent questions with guided instruction. Four longer practice tests build test-taking stamina and provide opportunities to monitor and assess progress. Answer key included. 128 pages. $21.99 Each
NL-2263 Grade 3 NL-2265 Grade 5 NL-2267 Grade 7 NL-2264 Grade 4 NL-2266 Grade 6 NL-2268 Grade 8

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