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106 Language Arts • Reference Books
First Dictionary
This reference for young readers introduces almost 3,000 words using 1,000 entries with hundreds of captivating illustrations by
Ruth Heller. Teaches basic dictionary skills: alphabetization, spelling, parts of speech, let- ter sounds, use of synonyms and antonyms, word histories, homographs and homo- phones. Hardcover. 448 pages. Grades K–2 MW-2741 $16.95
Elementary Dictionary Newly Revised & Updated!
Offers 36,000 entries with new words from technology and science, such as alternative energy, social media, and STEM. Definitions are enriched with nearly 1,300 quotes from classic and contemporary children’s literature. Includes 900 colorful illustrations, 250 word histories, 120 synonym and Greek & Latin root word paragraphs. Usage hints help describe different shades of meanings. Hardcover.
School Dictionary
Features more than 100,000 definitions and 28,000 usage examples. Includes 150 newly added words and meanings across a variety of fields including technology, entertainment, health, science, and society. More than 500 synonym paragraphs, 200 word history paragraphs that clarify meaning, and nearly 1,000 illustrations. Updated to include new vocabulary such as hashtag, cloud computing, and selfie. Special sections include biographical names, geographical names, and signs and sym- bols. Hardcover. 1,280 pages. Grades 9–11 MW-6800 $19.95
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary
Eleventh Edition
America’s Best-Selling Dictionary! More than 225,000 definitions and over 42,000 usage examples. Special sections include A Handbook of Style, Foreign Words and Phrases, and Biographical Names and Geographical Names. Includes an electronic version of the dictionary and free one-year online subscription. Hardcover, thumb-notched. 1,664 pages. Grades 11+
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
An all new edition of the best-selling dictionary! 75,000 up- dated definitions. 8,000 usage examples to aid understanding. Useful tables and special sections on Foreign Words & Phrases, Biographical Names, and Geographical Names. Paperback. 960 pages.
MW-2956 $7.50
The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
More than 150,000 word choices include synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic phrases. Abundant usage exam- ples. Alphabetically organized for ease of use. Brief definitions describe shared meanings. Paperback. 800 pages.
MW-8507 $6.50
Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus
Nearly 60,000 dictionary entries. More than 13,500 thesaurus entries including extensive synonym and antonym lists. Dictionary and thesaurus entries combined alphabetically. Clear and concise word guidance including abundant example phrases. Paperback. 1,260 pages.
MW-8637 $8.99
848 pages. Grades 3–5
Merriam-Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary
Features 70,000 entries. 200 new words across a variety of fields including technology, social media, science, health and popular culture. More than
22,000 usage examples and 1,000 illustrations clarify and expand understanding. Abundant word history and synonym paragraphs. Hardcover. 1,024 pages. Grades 6–8
Intermediate Thesaurus
Vocabulary includes areas in social media, technology, and entertainment. More than 150,000 word choices in- clude synonyms, antonyms, related words, and idiomatic phrases. Brief definitions of shared meanings and a usage example for every synonym that today’s students will find relatable. Hardcover. 896 pages. Grades 5–8
MW-1768 $18.95
Merriam-Webster’s Illustrated
Spanish-English Student Dictionary
This durable, bidirectional dictionary (English to Spanish and Spanish to English) features more than 50,000 transla-
tions including variants,
inflected forms, common
phrases, synonyms, and
definitions. Appendix
includes detailed pro-
nunciation guides to the
English words, and IPA
(International Phonetic Alphabet). Special sections include the conjugation of regular and irregular Spanish verbs. 1,000 detailed drawings illustrate more than 10,000 additional terms and phrases that identify parts of the object in both English and Spanish. Flexi paperback. 496 pages. Grades 4–8
MW-1775 $21.95
Two essential language references in one handy volume!

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