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Reference Books • Language Arts  107
Picture Dictionary
Vivid illustrations and simple example sen- tences help explain the meanings of over 900 of the words children encounter most often in their reading and in daily life. Paperback.
144 pages. Grades PreK–1 AH-9781328787378
First Dictionary
More than 2,000 entry words are clearly defined, and 850 full-color photographs and drawings enhance the text for today’s visually sophisticated young readers. Paperback.
304 pages. Grades K–2
AH-9781328753366 $17.99
The American Heritage®...
Children’s Dictionary
Over 25,000 entries are defined in age-appropriate, contemporary language with more than 16,000 example sentences. Includes more than 2,000 new words and over 1,500 full-color photographs and drawings. Hardcover. 896 pages. Grades 3–6
Student Dictionary
More than 65,000 entry words with hundreds of fascinating notes on usage, word histories, syn- onyms, and more. Includes photographs, drawings, and a handy glossary that defines special terms. Hardcover. 1,088 pages. Grades 6–10 AH-9781328787347 $19.99
Student Thesaurus
More than 70,000 synonyms and 6,000 main entries with clear example sentences. Tips for Writers sec- tion helps students to make good writing even bet- ter. 384 pages. Hardcover. Grades 6–10 AH-9781328787323 $18.99
AH-9781328787354 Children’s Thesaurus
Webster’s Dictionary for Students
Fifth Edition
This updated and expanded dictionary features 37,000 defi- nitions of words kids use every day. An age-appropriate word list and kid-friendly definitions make it a favorite of teachers and students. Definitions are written in clear, easy to under- stand language. Also includes Canadian words and spellings. Paperback. 512 pages. Grades 3–6
Webster’s Thesaurus for Students
Third Edition
An invaluable tool for students learning writing skills, this revised and expanded thesaurus is designed to make it easy to find the best word to express an idea. Includes 122,000 syn- onyms, antonyms and related words. Main entries have shared meaning core followed by a list of synonyms, related words and antonyms. Paperback. 352 pages. Grades 3–6 FED9781596950948
Webster’s for Students
Dictionary/Thesaurus Set
Two essential writing resources for students in one great set! 2-book set includes Webster's Dictionary for Students, Special Encyclopedic Edition, Fifth Edition and Webster’s Thesaurus for Students. Grades 3–6
FED9781596951693 $9.49
2019 Edition!
Updated edition with 4,000 entries and 36,000 syn- onyms. Features 150 photographs with example sen- tences showing typical usage for every sense of each entry. Includes Parts of Speech section that explains in simple language how words are classified by their func- tion in a sentence. 288 pages. Hardcover. Grades 3–6
Webster’s Vocabulary Skill Builder
Learn new words and build vocabulary skills. Descriptions
of many Greek and Latin word roots followed by discussions of English words derived from them. Fun and challenging quizzes to test your memory and comprehension. Perfect for standardized tests, study and instruction including SAT, ACT, and ESL tests. Paperback. 336 pages. Grades 7–12 FED9781596951730
Webster’s American English Dictionary Expanded Edition
This new, expanded edition provides definitions, pronuncia- tions and variant spellings for the words that make up the core of the English language. Features 40,000 clear, concise definitions, common abbreviations, plus special sections such as biographical Names, English Word roots, and Basic English Grammar. Paperback. 512 pages. Grades 7–12 FED9781596951549 $5.49
Webster’s Spanish-English Dictionary
for Students
Second Edition
Ideal for English and Spanish speakers, this bidirectional dictionary defines the core vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations. Includes Spanish-to-English and English-to- Spanish sections, conjugation of Spanish verbs, and irregular English verbs. Paperback. 384 pages. Grades 4–12 FED9781596951655
Webster’s Dictionary
Dictionary & Thesaurus
Second Edition
This fully integrated dictionary and thesaurus makes finding the right word easier than ever! Includes 67,000 clearly written dictionary definitions plus 140,000 synonyms and antonyms. Thesaurus entries appear
just below the dictionary entries and are printed in
a contrasting color for easy lookups. Hardcover.
784 pages. Grades 7–12
FED9781596951471 $15.98
2019 Edition!
& Thesaurus for Students
Second Edition with Full-Color World Atlas
This best-selling classroom resource has been fully revised and expanded! Includes 37,000 kid-friendly defi- nitions, 122,000 synonyms, antonyms and related words, plus a 48-page, full-color atlas created by the editors of Encyclopædia Britannica that covers all the countries of the world. Paperback. 888 pages. Grades 3–12 FED9781596951075
Webster’s All-In-One

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