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Writing Builders
Join the fun as friends learn the basics of the writing process, including brain- storming and outlines, first drafts, revising, and the finished piece. Each book describes a different writing project and allows students to easily follow the steps to finish their own writing creations. Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and writing practice. Set of 6 books.
NH-WBPB1 $53.70
Book Reports
These resources are divided into 6 sections: Vocabulary Development, Identifying Important Information, Character Analysis, Summarizing and Sequencing Events, Reasoning and Critical Thinking, and Creativity and Design. Each section begins with a Teacher’s notes page that provides suggestions to help introduce the section and to obtain the best results from your students. 42 activities per book.
Writing Skills • Language Arts  109
Meaningful Mini-Lessons & Practice: Writing
Grade-specific reproducible resources include easy-to-use mini-lessons to help students tackle each type of writing. Practice texts featuring prompts and check- lists teach students to plan and self-evaluate. Includes rubrics and assessments
to differentiate student instruction. 128-136 pages.
$18.99 Each
NL-5419 Grade 1 NL-5420 Grade 2 NL-5421 Grade 3
NL-5422 Grade 4
NL-5423 Grade 5
NL-5424 Grade 6
63 pages.
OTM18128 OTM18129 OTM18130 OTM18131
$12.99 Each
180 Days of Writing
Practice, Assess, Diagnose
Develop enthusiastic and efficient writers through daily practice of the writing process. Activities provide a framework for students to practice prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing skills. Rubrics provide authentic assessments of students’ opinion/argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing. Digital resources included. Supports college and career
Book Reports for Beginners. Grades 1–2 Moving Ahead With Book Reports. Grades 3–4 Ready to Go! Book Reports. Grades 5–6 Better Book Reports. Grades 7–8
readiness. 216-224 pages.
$19.99 Each
Grade 6
SEP51523 SEP51524 SEP51525
Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2
SEP51526 SEP51527 SEP51528
Grade 3 SEP51529 Grade 4
Grade 5
7 Keys to Research
Intervention Activities
Instant 5-Day Units That Provide In-Depth Practice with the Writing Process
Designed for students who need more help master- ing essential writing strategies, this series presents each skill as a 5-day unit: Model on Day 1, Practice on Days 2-4, and Assess on Day 5. Explicit reteaching prompts and instant assessments provide full sup-
for Writing Success
An acclaimed author and a literacy specialist unlock the secrets to getting ready to write Award-winning children’s author David Harrison affirms the importance of teaching students the necessary steps of prewriting–from choosing a viable topic to conducting in-depth research to taking effective notes and organizing them.
128 pages. Grades 3+
SC-815367 $18.99
port for teachers. 128 pages.
$19.99 Each
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Everyday Writing
NL-1013 Grade K NL-1014 Grade 1 NL-1015 Grade 2
NL-1016 NL-1017 NL-1018
Book reports, memory boxes, and science fair displays are just the beginning with this lightweight, sturdy diora- ma. Corrugated cardboard makes it durable and easy to assemble. Decorate with markers, paint, glue, modeling clay, figurines and more. 151⁄2"W x 53⁄4"D x 61⁄2"H. FLP30800 $4.54

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