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110 Language Arts • Storytelling & Creative Writing
Playtime PalsTM Tell-A-Story Bulletin Board Set
Roll each cube...then watch storytelling come alive! Imaginative scenes,
exciting plot ideas, and funny characters inspire stories, role-playing, and skits, and creatively show story elements. 6 cubes with matching display pieces feature 12 characters, 12 plots, and 12 settings. 42 pieces.
T-8422 $14.99
Creative Writing Cubes
Tell-A-Tale: Barnyard Edition
The Cooperative Story-Telling Game
Everyone plays together, taking turns adding to the tale. Move props and char- acters depending on what you roll. Improves creative thinking, problem-solving, story telling, verbalization and cooperation! Includes two-part, wooden base, double-sided backdrop, 11 prop pieces, 11 character pieces, three prop/character dice, and one action die. 1–4 players. Grades PreK+ 1
Roll A Story
Help children develop story telling and oral language with Roll A Story dice. Simply roll the dice and let the pictures guide children’s imagination. Categories include people, animals, food, places, transport, feelings, weather, actions, sports, and objects. Contains 10 picture dice and 1 carry sack. Grades PreK–4 1
Soft foam cubes are great for brainstorming before writing and encouraging oral language development. Cubes are quiet when rolled–perfect for centers! Cubes measure 15⁄8" each. Includes activity guide. Set of 6. Grades 1+
Conversation Cubes
36 engaging questions for use in charac- ter development activities, brainstorm- ing before writing, and to build oral language, social and listening skills. LER7300 $12.99
Writing Prompt Cubes
36 prompts offer a variety of ideas in both creative and non-fiction writing activites for individual or group writing. LER7232 $12.99
Tell TaleTM
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the possibilities with 120 images! Players weave wacky and whimsical stories
using cards showing a vari- ety of settings, characters, and objects. You’ll love the
way students’ imaginations come to life with Tell Tale! Tin includes 60 cards. 1-8 players.
Grades K+
BOG00461 $12.99
Story Spinners
Create fun games for story telling! Set includes 4 spinners and 4 double-sided story boards featuring characters, settings, plots, objects, and story themes.
Grades K+ 1 JRL523
WordTeasers® Conversation Starters
A little box of questions that spark big conversations and learning! When was the last time learning new words made you laugh out loud? Get everyone talking, laughing, and learning with these fun and entertaining conversation starters—150 in each deck! Great for writing prompts, too! 3" x 3" cards. $14.95 Each
WT-7250 Small Fry. Beginning level vocabulary with fun facts. Grades PreK–2 WT-2296 Merriam-Webster® Junior. Conversation starters and vocabulary for
upper elementary students. Grades 3+
WT-7212 Funny Sayings. Idioms & their origins. Grades 3+
WT-0009 More Funny Sayings. Grades 3+
WT-7281 Old Wives’ Tales. Truth behind myths, legends, and superstitions.
Grades 3+
WT-7229 World Geography. Multiple choice fun facts. Grades 3+
WT-0008 American Trivia. Fascinating questions about the U.S. Grades 4+
WT-7243 Origins. Words and phrases borrowed from other languages. Grades 7+
WT-7205 Merriam-Webster® SAT® Vocabulary. Grades 7+ WT-0064 Merriam-Webster® Middle School Conversation Starters
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