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Create-A-Story Book Treasure Box
Includes 25 Bright Blank Books, Colored People Shapes, Mirror Board, Stick-A- Licks, Velour Paper, Wiggle Eyes, and a CD with hundreds of craft project ideas! 1 HYG9916 $42.99
Creative Writing & Poetry • Language Arts 111
Poetry Builders
Join the adventure as friends learn the basics of writing poetry and the use
of rhyme, meter, alliteration, and other tools. From limericks to acrostics, students can follow the story that shows the steps needed to create a new poem. Activities in the back of the book provide additional information and writing practice. Set of 8 books. Grades 2–4
Poetry Bulletin Board Set
Styled after vintage travel posters, this colorful set acquaints students with traditional poetic devices and standard poetry forms, highlighting the imagery, language, structure, and mood of each. Includes six 11" x 17" posters, a 17" x 22" theme poster, and teacher guide. 7 pieces.
NS-3068 $11.99
Sandwich Prompts
40 Delectable Story Templates Developing Writers Can’t Resist! Looking for a fresh way to motivate reluctant writers? Offer them a delec- table sandwich writing prompt. These 40 super-fun reproducibles come “preloaded” with a story’s beginning, middle, or end–students supply the rest! 64 pages. Grades 3–6 SC-822715
Creative Writing Story Starters
Here are 58 engaging and detailed illustrations that will inspire students’ creative writing. These ready-to-use worksheets can be used to augment any writing pro- gram, or may be used as a meaningful “filler” activity when students have spare time. The illustrations may be used to generate ideas for short stories, poetry, let- ter writing, and much more! 64 pages.
Writing Prompts
High-interest prompt cards encourage students to express creativity while learning how to write using a variety of styles. Each box includes 120 durable
4" x 6" cards in 6 categories: • Narrative • Expository $19.99 Each
TCR9001 Grade 1 TCR9002 Grade 2 TCR9003 Grade 3
• Persuasive TCR9004 Grade 4
• Poetry
• Journals
• Descriptive TCR9005 Grade 5
How to Write a Story
Packed with easy-to-execute ideas and dozens of writing forms that will assist students in refining their sentence writing skills! Includes lessons and reproduc- ibles to help students learn the parts of a story, reproducible planning forms, and guidelines for writing in six different genres. 96 pages. $16.99 Each
EMC799 EMC794
Grades 1–3 Grades 4–6
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Draw...Then Write
Creative drawing inspires creative writing! The simple drawing steps and fun topics in each book make even the most reluctant of writers excited to write stories. Multiple difficulty levels allow you to customize each topic’s lesson to your students’ needs. 96 pages. $16.99 Each
EMC731 EMC773
Grades 1–3 Grades 4–6
OTM1864 OTM1865 OTM1873
Grades 1–3
Grades 4–6
Grades 1–6. 128 pages
$12.99 $12.99 $18.99

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