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112 Language Arts • Composition, Blank Books & Journals
Marble Composition Books
Durable, one-subject composition books are great for note taking and journaling. Grade specific ruling features dotted midline and skip space. Soft cover. 93⁄4" x 73⁄4".
24 sheets/48 pages. $1.19 Each PACMMK37137 Grade 1, Green. 1" Ruled PACMMK37138 Grade 2, Blue. 3⁄4" Ruled w/Red Baseline PACMMK37139 Grade 3, Red. 3⁄8" Ruled
Composition Books
Encourage creative writing and handwriting practice! Inside front cover is printed with the alphabet for student reference. Primary Journals include a 4 1⁄8" picture story space at the top. Rulings conform to D’NealianTM and Zaner-BloserTM handwriting styles. 100 sheets/200 pages per book. 93⁄4" x 71⁄2".
D’Nealian is a registered trademark of D.N. Thurber. Zaner-Bloser is a registered trademark of Zaner-Bloser Inc.
Stitched $3.39
Spiral Bound $3.49
Composition Book
Primary Journal (Picture Story)
Junior Composition Book NEW!
Wide ruled with red margin. Smaller size means no more wasted or empty space on full size pages! Hardcover, black. 5" x 71⁄2". 100 sheets/200 pages.
Bright Books
Blank books are perfect for creative writing projects, journaling, or as signature books for productions, graduations or end of the year events. 51⁄2" x 81⁄2". 32 pages.
Chunky Board Book
Thick and chunky for little hands! 12 pages.
Beginner Booklets
Hardcover Blank Books
Motivate children to write and illustrate their own books! Can be used with crayons, watercolor markers, colored and standard pencils, and pens.
Perfect bound. 14 sheets/28 pages.
Economical booklets are perfect for early childhood and elementary jour- naling. Stay bright white paper is ideal for all dry media. Picture story has 7⁄8" ruling with a 51⁄8" picture story space. Blank cover allows each student to personalize their own booklet. Acid free. 81⁄2" x 11". 16 sheets/32 pages.
Portrait Style Landscape Style
6" x 8" $2.49 ASH10700 ASH10703
81⁄2" x 11" $3.99 ASH10705 ASH10710
PAC4807 Unruled PAC4808 Picture Story
$1.29 $1.39
Alternate pages of blank and primary-lined for drawing and
illustrations. Perfect Bound Hardcover. 28 pages. ASH10701 6" x 8"
ASH10702 81⁄2" x 11"
$2.49 $4.49
ASH10704 ASH10711
5" x 5" $2.99 6" x 8" $3.99
81⁄2" x 11"
Assorted Colors White
$14.99 HYG77705 HYG77710
$27.99 HYG77720 HYG77721
Individual student book includes word lists, writing ideas and tips, plus lots of space for children to build vocabulary, create stories and journal thoughts. Students will love coloring the cover as a special way to say “this is mine!” 7" x 81⁄2". 32 pages. EP-60143 Single
My Own Journal
Grade 1
Pack of 10
$1.99 $19.90
Zaner-Bloser® Story Journals
The perfect journals for young writers and illustrators! The PreK/Readiness Journal features no rulings to allow first-time writers the freedom to express themselves with illustration and beginning written thoughts. Grades K and 1 have a space at the top of every page for illustration. Grades 2 and 3–4 have a space at the top of every other page for illustration. Zaner-Bloser rulings. Saddle-
Zaner-Bloser Writing Journals
Grades 4+
stitch binding, 83⁄8" x 105⁄8". 32 pages.
$2.99 Each
Grade 2, 1⁄2" ruling Grades 3–4, 3⁄8" ruling
These high-quality journals feature Zaner-Bloser® rulings appropriate for elemen- tary grades and are guaranteed to provide some extra cool motivation with their contemporary designs. All feature red guidelines in the rulings except Grades 4+ which has no guidelines. Spiral-bound Journals lay flat for no-hassle writing.
ELP311842 ELP311843 ELP311844
Grade PreK, no ruling Grade K, 3⁄4" ruling Grade 1, 5⁄8" ruling
ELP311845 ELP311846
100 pages.
ELP0601 ELP0602
Grade 1, 5⁄8" ruling Grades 2–3, 1⁄2" ruling
ELP0603 ELP0604
$3.99 Each
Grades 3–4, 3⁄8" ruling Grades 4+, 3⁄8" ruling

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