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Sign Language & Language Development • Multilingual/ELL/ESL  113
Let’s Learn
Sign Language
These beautifully illustrated cards show finger spelling and hand posi- tions, along with a written descrip- tion, for 160 essential words. Cards include greetings and manners, following directions, verbs and adjec- tives, everyday words and phrases,
animals, people, and emotions. No prior knowledge of sign language is needed
American Sign Language Cards
Set of 26 alphabet cards features a photograph
of the hand sign for a letter on one side, and the traditional capital and lowercase letters with a photo of a familiar object illustrating the featured letter on the reverse side. Set of 31 number cards features a photo of the hand sign for a number on one side, and the numeral, word, and counting block pattern on the reverse side. Two-sided, self-checking cards measure 6" x 8".
to successfully use these cards. 81⁄2" x 51⁄2". 160 cards. Grades PreK–2
Sign Language Fun in the
Early Childhood Classroom
This multisensory approach can help all students improve language and literacy skills. Includes teach- ing suggestions, games, activities, songs, rhymes, literature recommendations, and reproducible sign language cards. 64 pages. Grades PreK–K KE-804034
NS-9082 Alphabet NS-9093 Numbers
$13.99 $16.79
Sing, Sign, & Learn
Children will learn over 230 American Sign Language signs through 25 songs sung to familiar melodies. Includes the alphabet, names, movements
and actions, colors, counting and numbers, self-esteem and feelings, manners, and songs just for fun. Build language and literacy skills, and motivate young learners through their desire for constant movement. 64 pages. Grades PreK–1
KE-804084 $11.99
American Sign Language Alphabet Line
Use this alphabet line to teach the ASL manual alphabet. Photographs demon- strate hand symbols for all 26 letters. Measures over 14' long when assembled. Seven 241⁄4" x 75⁄8" strips per pack.
NS-9014 $9.99
Photographic Learning Cards
An effective tool for developing expressive and receptive language skills, building literacy skills, increasing vocabulary, sorting and classifying, as well as displays and bulletin boards. A great resource for early childhood, English Language Learners (ELL) and students with special needs.
Each set includes a resource guide. Grades PreK–1
$11.99 Each
Verbs: Actions. 46 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
Emotions. 22 cards, 81⁄2" x 51⁄2" each.
People In My Neighborhood. 22 cards, 81⁄2" x 51⁄2" each.
Facial Expressions. 45 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
Nouns: Food. 46 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
Survival Signs & Symbols. 48 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
What’s Wrong? 45 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
Families. 23 cards, 81⁄2" x 51⁄2" each.
Things That Go Together. 46 cards, 41⁄4" x 51⁄2" each.
Positional/Directional Concepts.
12 cut apart sheets. 81⁄2" x 11".

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