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114 Multilingual/ELL/ESL • Spanish & Bilingual Readers
Abdo Kids Dual Language Readers
Young readers will gather basic information through easy-to-read, simple text alongside beautiful, full-color photographs. Complete with a More Facts section and bolded glossary terms. Translated by native Spanish speakers. Set of 6
books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–2
On the Farm (En la granja)
CAP9781496604552 Spanish CAP9781496611482 English
(Medios de transporte) CAP9781496604972 Spanish CAP9781496611567 English
$47.70 Each
Spanish Storybook Set
This set of 7 includes Spanish editions of some of the most popular children’s books. Native speakers will delight in hearing these familiar stories read in their first language, while Spanish learners will be enticed by these perennial favorites and the opportunity to see their new language in a more accessible, enjoyable format. Grades K–3
HOU9780618681129 $49.74
Good Beginnings Bilingual Board Books
This series of full-color board books, with both English and Spanish on each page, will intrigue youngsters while helping them build vocabulary and an awareness of the world around them. Set of 6.
HOU9780544442856 $23.70
Early Readers: Matching Text Sets in Spanish & English
Develop the literacy, language, and academic vocabulary of ELs with matching Spanish and English texts. Appropriate leveling helps children begin reading successfully and make continued progress. Each sight word reader and leveled book provides explicit instructional guidance for teachers and parents. Grades PreK–1
Sight Word Readers
Teach Spanish high-frequency and content vocabulary with patterned rebus texts that scaffold beginning readers. 12 pages each, 16 different titles per set.
Leveled Readers
Ideal for Spanish and dual language literacy instruction. Precisely leveled texts include real-world connections, with activities and prompts for discussion to develop language and comprehension. 16 pages each, 12 different titles per set.
NL-1980 Spanish NL-1057 English
NL-1979 Spanish NL-1055 English
Social Studies
NL-1981 Spanish NL-1056 English
$71.28 $64.80
Nursery Rhyme Tales
NL-1990 Spanish NL-0801 English
Social Studies
NL-1994 Spanish NL-0803 English
Support Native Spanish Speakers!
$71.28 NL-1997 Spanish $53.46 $64.80 NL-0440 English $48.60
$71.28 NL-1992 Spanish $53.46 $64.80 NL-0802 English $48.60
$53.46 $48.60
$53.46 $48.60

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