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Spanish & Bilingual Resources • Multilingual/ELL/ESL  115
Spanish Magnetic
Foam Letters
Great for building Spanish or English words. Color-coded consonants are purple, and vowels are green. Lightweight letters can be used on any magnetic surface
and store easily in plastic bucket with
lid. Letters measure 13⁄4" each. Set of 120. Grades PreK+ 1
Color My World
Spanish Calendar Set
Teach your students the days of the week and months in Spanish! Includes giant 17" x 24" calendar, 12 month headings, 33 dates, and 37 special day markers. 83 pieces. EU-847048
Color My World
Spanish Welcome/Class Organization
Bulletin Board Set
Colorful set includes 11-piece Welcome Pennant Banner, 13-piece Birthday Set, 18-piece Class Job Set, Celebration
Banner, and Blank Frame. 44 pieces.
Juego de Palabras
Spanish Reading Rods® Word Game
The fast-paced fun of Word for Word® Phonics Game is now available in Spanish! Using all 4 sides of their Reading Rods®, players build as many words as they can in 2 minutes. Customize the game for different levels or to practice specific reading and word building skills. Includes 112 color-coded Rods, score pad, pencils and 2-minute timer. 2–4 players. Grades 2+ 1 LER7241
Bilingual Reading Comprehension
Features English and Spanish companion stories in fiction and nonfiction, along with a variety of activities that strengthen reading comprehension skills. Students will be captivated by vibrant stories and activities that include multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and short answer formats. 96 pages. $13.99 Each
Alphabet Cards
Cartas del abecedario con fotos Manuscrito Zaner-Bloser Photographs provide sound/letter cues. Includes a Discovery Guide filled with information and activities. Zaner-Bloser style. 30 alphabet cards, 51⁄2" x 81⁄4" each. T-8056 $12.99
Skill Drill Flash Cards
Proven effective for building basic skills and reinforcing learning programs. 3" x 6" cards are self-checking, color- ful, durable, and feature rounded corners for quick sorting.
Spanish Manuscript
Grades K+
T-53006 T-53007 T-53015
$7.99 Each
Palabras e imágenes (Picture Words)
Más palabras e imágenes (More Picture Words) Around-the-Home Picture Words (English/Spanish)
Verbos (Action Words)
SV-9781419039072 SV-9781419034404
Grade 1 Grade 2
OTM2528 OTM2529 OTM2530 OTM2531
Leer para Entender/Reading for Meaning
Uso de las Mayúsculas y Reglas de Punctuación/Capitalization & Punctuation Composición de Oraciones/Sentence Writing
Composición de Historias/Story Writing
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Bilingual Skill Building Series
Build Language Skills in Spanish & English
The easy-to-use format provides Spanish content and corresponding English content on adjacent pages. Use these books to teach, review and reinforce basic language skills in one or both languag- es. Ideal for both first and second language learners. Answer key included. 64 pages. Grades 1–3 $13.99 Each
OTM2527 Fonética/Phonics

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