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116 Multilingual/ELL/ESL • Spanish & Bilingual Resources
Spanish Pocket Charts
Durable, easy-to-clean heavy duty nylon chart features 3 clear pocket rows,
plus sorting pockets. 28"W x 381⁄2"H. $39.99 Each
LER2529 LER2573
Spanish Alphabet. 129 uppercase and lowercase letter cards,
135 picture cards with Spanish word on reverse, and 4 blank cards. Spanish Syllables. 225 cards feature words beginning with
each syllable, consonants, vowels, and blank cards.
Bilingual Monthly
Calendar Pocket Chart
A great way to introduce English and Spanish calendar vocabu- lary! This versatile pocket chart includes 31 date cards, 7 day-of- the-week cards, 12 month cards and Teaching Guide. Day and month cards are in English and Spanish. Includes grommets for hanging. 251⁄2"L x 28"H.
LER2210 $19.99
Rock ‘N Learn® Spanish
Audio & DVD Programs
Volume I teaches greetings, expressions, num- bers, colors, parts of the body, food and more. Volume II teaches subject pronouns, telling time to the hour, the calendar, “question words,” directions and more. Special delayed format for self-testing. Audio includes CD and an illustrated book.
RL-919 Spanish Audio Vol. I
RL-934 Spanish Audio Vol. II
RL-920 Spanish DVD Vol. I & Vol. II
Spanish Print-Rich Labels
Includes 56 classroom label cards (approx. 7" x 31⁄2" to 141⁄2" x 31⁄2") and a resource
$12.99 $12.99 $14.99
Spanish Dice
Learn a Language DVDs
Choose from Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English—all 6 languages on each DVD! Numbers, Colors & More introduces colors, toys, clothes, furniture and counting to 10. Let’s Play Outside includes simple words and phrases that involve playful outside activities and objects, as well as nature and common animals. Approx. 35 minutes per language, 31⁄2 hours total
A fun and versatile manipulative for teaching numbers 1–6 and interrogative words in Spanish. Create your own games, or use as story starters for speaking
per DVD! Grades PreK+
RL-216 Numbers, Colors & More RL-315 Let's Play Outside
$14.99 Each
or writing exercises! Large 3⁄4" size. 1
KOP16016 Spanish Numbers 1–6. Set of 6
KOP18505 Spanish Interrogative Words. Set of 10 (includes duplicates)
$4.49 $6.99
ESL Teaching Ideas
Visual Aids, Puzzles, & Games For Hands-on Learning! The students will be immersed in English through a range of experiences which include oral games, illustration, writing and exploration of his/her environment. The students will acquire basic vocabulary with respect to themselves, body parts, school, colors, shapes, clothing, weather and seasons. 80 pages. $15.99 Each
OTM1812 ESL Teaching Ideas. Grades K–8
OTM1890 More ESL Teaching Ideas. Grades 1–8
Building Spanish Vocabulary
This book helps students practice beginning Spanish vocabulary and build awareness of Hispanic culture. Topics include numbers, colors, classroom and household objects, parts of the body, verbs, opposites, positional concepts, and much more! Easy-to-follow game ideas and instructions, over
350 Spanish vocabulary cards, a pronunciation guide, and an answer key are included. 128 pages. CD-4340 $16.99
Exercises, which include a range of formats, are designed to help students acquire everyday Spanish vocabulary. Vocabulary lists, reproducible storybooks, pronuncia- tion key and answer key are included in each book. 128 pages. $16.99 Each CD-4300 Elementary
CD-4301 Middle/High School
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