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118 Mathematics • Unifix®
Four times as big as standard Unifix Cubes!
Unifix® Cubes
Little hands will love these easy-to-handle chunky connecting cubes! Just like traditional Unifix Cubes, these snap together easily and stay connected, yet can be pulled apart with minimal effort. Includes 20 cubes, 11⁄2" on all sides, in four bright colors. Activity ideas included. Grades PreK–K
Unifix® Cubes
Provides children with a colorful, hands-on experience in number and math exploration. From early patterns through place value and fractions, Unifix
Unifix® Corner Cubes
provides any classroom with hundreds of activities. Grades PreK+ DD-225 100 Cubes. 10 each of 10 colors
DD-221 500 Cubes. 50 each of 10 colors
DD-2BKA 1,000 Cubes. 100 each of 10 colors
Join Unifix Cubes with these Corner Cubes to form right angles. Students can build rectangles, allowing them to explore area, perimeter, and more. Includes 40 cubes and activity guide. Grades K–4
$61.99 $114.99
Students use these cute sports hats to label stacks of cubes with
the correct number and to play simple number games. Includes 3 sets
of hats labeled 1-10 (30 pieces) and sample activities. Grades K–2 DD-211249 $8.99
Number Hats
Unifix® Accessories
Unifix® Operations Tray
These durable and effective accessories reinforce number sense, counting, recognition, grouping, and simple place value concepts. The 1-120 Number Line consists of 12 interlocking
An engaging way to develop fact fluency to 20! Demonstrate addition problems by filling the slots on each side and combining into one channel to see the results. Or, fill one side and move cubes to the other channel to demonstrate subtraction. Unifix cubes sold separately.
sections and measures over 6' long!
Tray measures 141⁄2" x 21⁄2". Grades K–2
Unifix® 1-10 Value Boats
This Unifix aid is great for ordering, comparing, estimating, and simple operations. Includes 10 pieces designed to fit Unifix cubes stacked from 1 to 10 and teaching notes.
DD-210838 DD-211504
1-10 Stair
1-120 Number Line
$7.99 $24.99
Unifix® Cubes Grades 1–2 Kit
• Mathematics with Unifix Cubes, Gr. 1 • Developing Math with Unifix Cubes
• Unifix Cubes, set of 500
• Unifix Attribute Pattern Kit
• Unifix Graphing Base, 2 • Unifix Hundreds Base DD-211579
• Unifix 1-10 Stair, 3
• Unifix 1-120 Track
• Unifix Ten Frames Trains, 50
• Unifix Magnetic Ten-Frames
• Unifix Ten-Frame Cards, 2 sets
Grades K–2
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Cubes Hundred Base
Use this versatile tool and Unifix Cubes (sold separately) to model and understand number con- cepts, base ten, and operations through 100. Base is 3" x 9" with 10 positions, and includes 22 number label cards (10s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s) and a 100-grid card to position behind stacks of cubes. Comprehensive teacher’s guide included. Grades K–4 DD-211771 $9.99

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