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Number Sense • Mathematics  119
20-Bead Rekenrek Group Set
Rekenreks are ideal for counting, addition, subtraction, and early place value. This set includes 10 student wooden 20-Bead Rekenreks and a copy of our activity book Working with the Rekenrek. Grades K–1
Rekenrek Group Set
This set includes 10 student wooden 100-Bead Rekenreks as well as a copy of the activity book Working with the 100-Bead Rekenrek. Grades 1–3 DD-211370 Group Set
DD-211267 Activity Book only
Sensational MathTM How Many? Cards
Perceptual & Conceptual Subitizing
Large 5" x 5" activity cards build perceptual and conceptual subitizing skills with simple dot patterns on up to larger sets of dots in array and symmetrical patterns. Level I presents simple dot patterns to practice subitizing numbers up to 20. Level II provides simple and grouped patterns for numbers up to 50. Level III presents symmetrical and predictable dot patterns to conceptually subitize numbers of dots up to 100. Each set contains 50 two-sided, self-checking cards. $6.99 Each
DD-211256 Group Set DD-211752 Activity Book only
$53.99 $14.99
Counting Frames
Provide young learners with the visual model they need to discover number relationships and develop a variety of addition and subtraction strategies. Standard red and white colored beads, in 5-bead groupings, slide along the wires to help children make mental images of numbers using 5 and 10 as anchors for counting. Made of durable, high-quality plastic. 9"L. Grades K+ 1
LER4358 2-Row Rekenrek Counting Frame $4.99 LER4359 10-Row Rekenrek
$84.99 $12.99
Counting Frame
Cuisenaire® Rods
Cuisenaire® Rods help students transition from concrete to abstract representation of math concepts. They come in 10 different sizes and colors. Each color represents a different Rod length that can be assigned a different numeric value or unit of measure. Great for improving CCSS skills such as
1cm counting and cardinality, algebraic thinking, base ten and more. Rods measure 1cm– 10cm in length. Grades PreK+ 1
Introductory Set
Set contains 74 plastic rods, tray with lid and Activity Guide. Use with 2–3 students.
LER7500 $13.99
ELP626694 ELP626695
Level I. Grades K–2 ELP626696 Level III. Grades 2–5 Level II. Grades 1–4
Set of all 3 $19.99 Sensational MathTM
Subitizing Dice
Subitizing Cards
Knowing How Many Without Counting Recognizing the number of objects in a group without having to count the objects is a fundamental building block for developing number sense. These self-checking dot cards help students learn subitizing and how to understand the crucial concept of making 10. 38 cards, 43⁄4" x 73⁄4" each. Grades K–1 ELP626633
Teach students to quickly identify the num- ber of items in a small set without counting with this set of 3 red and 3 blue ten-sided, 20mm subitizing dice. Depicts number patterns zero to nine. 1
Small Group Set
Set contains 155 plastic rods, storage bucket and Activity Guide. Use with
Classroom Multi-Pack
Contains 6 sets of 74 plastic rods,
6 trays with lid and Teacher's Guide. Use with 12–18 students.
LER7502 $69.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
4–6 students.

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