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Number Sense • Mathematics 121
Demonstration 0-120 Chart
This great tool helps you quickly build a hundred chart on your whiteboard... then easily build upon to teach up to 120! Special t-shaped piece is an effective new tool in popular math programs to help build mental math fluency. Dry-erase surface allows for easy circling and clean-up. Includes 20 highlighting frames, 20 cover-up squares, and unique t-shaped more/less than piece. Assembled chart measures 24"W x 34"H. Grades 1+ 1
Make a SplashTM 120 Mat
Hundreds Boards
Two sided, 11" x 11" cards provide 1" number squares on one side with blank grid on the reverse. Set of 10. Grades K+
Learn about place value and practice addition and subtraction using number patterns on the grid. Includes a 120 mat and 3 inflatable cubes (2 number cubes with digits 0–9 to create 1- and 2-digit numbers; 1 cube with +10, -10, +1, -1). Also includes 64 square colored frames, 4 T-shaped pieces, 64 square cards to cover numbers and Activity Guide. Mat mea- sures 48" x 56". Grades 1+ 1
1-120 Pocket Chart
120 clear pockets make
this chart ideal for teaching numbers, odds, evens, and operations. Different color on reverse side of number tiles to highlight patterns. 27" x 313⁄4". Grades K–5 CTU7287 $29.99
Hundreds Number Board
Double-sided plastic board with recessed squares features numbers printed on
the front and a plain grid for additional patterning and graphing activities on reverse. Includes numbered white
tiles, transparent red and blue tiles, and activity guide. Grades K+ 1
LER1331 LER1332
1-100 Board.
12" x 12" board plus
150 plastic tiles $24.99 1-120 Board.
12" x 14" board plus
180 plastic tiles $29.99
Over 60 activities for the hundred board! Unique hands-on resource helps students explore number patterns, place value, operations and more using the hundred board. Includes teacher notes, links to the CCSS, and an interactive CD for IWB presentation.
128–136 pages.
$16.99 Each
DD-211333 DD-211399 DD-211580
Grades PreK–2 Grades 3–4 Grades 5–6
Oversized, Bold and Easy to See!
22 feet long when assembled!
Hundred Board Book
Giant 1-120 Bead Number Line
Chart Stamps
Great for student quick reference. 33⁄4" x 33⁄4". 1
CE-925 1-100 Chart
CE-924 Multiplication Chart CE-926 100 Block Grid Chart CE-923 Set of all 3
Open number line features alternating green or white beads in groups of five. Great for teaching one-to-one correspondence, counting, addition, subtraction, place value and more. Set includes six 44" x 7" write-on/ wipe-off sheets with 20 beads each. Grades K–2
DD-211283 $12.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
$4.99 $4.99 $4.99

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