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Ten Frames • Mathematics  123
Sensational MathTM Ten-Frame Math
Children will “see the operations” of sums and differences through these visual and hands-on activities! Using the nature-themed problem-solving cards, students will quickly be able to subitize or count the manipulatives to determine the correct answer. Each Ten-Frame Math set includes 40 photo-realistic 51⁄4" problem-solving cards, 13" leaf motif ten-frame activity mats and large, colorful, plastic manipulatives. Grades K–2
LadyBug Ten-Frame Math Addition & Subtraction Facts to 10 Includes 30 Ladybug manipulatives, 1 Leaf Activity Mat and 40 Problem-Solving Cards. ELP626668 $24.99
Froggy Ten-Frame Math Addition & Subtraction Facts to 20 Includes 45 Froggy manipulatives, 2 Leaf Activ- ity Mats and 40 Problem-Solving Cards.
Additional Ten-Frame Leaves, LadyBug and Froggy Manipulatives may be pur- chased to expand the number of students using the 40 problem-solving cards in the Ten-Frame Math sets.
Ladybug & Froggy Manipulatives
for Counting, Sorting & Grouping
Extra-large manipulatives in 3 colors are just right for little hands. Made from durable & washable PVC plastic. Includes plastic sorting and
storage tray.
1" in diameter!
Lots of LadyBugs
Ten-Frame Leaves
These large-format, laminated desk mats provide a magical place for counting, making ten and operations activities! Use with our LadyBug or Froggy manipulatives which are just the right size, or with dry-erase markers. Large Ten-Frame Leaves measure 61⁄2" x 13". Set of 30. Grades K–3
The problem-solving card provides information about the colors and numbers of LadyBugs on the leaf and asks a question.
Here’s How It Works:
Student places the Lady- Bugs on the leaf from the information provided on the problem-solving card.
Flip the problem-solving card over to self-check LadyBugs visually. The answer is stated and a color- coded equation is also presented, introducing math facts.
Floor Mat
Perfect for small-group learning, this huge
Over 11⁄2" in diameter!
ELP626674 ELP626671
Froggy Went a Countin’
75 pcs. 300 pcs.
$29.99 ELP626675 $89.99 ELP626672
75 pcs. 300 pcs.
$29.99 $89.99
3' x 5' floor
mat features a
beautiful and
realistic water
scene with a large
“floating” ten-frame
leaf. The surrounding lily
pads feature numerals 1–10
with corresponding water
droplets as a visual reference.
Made of durable and washable phthalate-free PVC. Includes 10 two-sided 6" diameter Froggy Discs and
a plastic disc storage tray. Grades K–2 ELP626673 $34.99
Sensational MathTM
Ten-Frame Cards
Give students the visual support they need to understand number bonds! Write-On, Wipe-Off blank Ten-Frame cards reinforce number relationships
when used with manipulatives or dry erase markers. Dot pattern activity
cards feature pictorial representations that bridge the gap between the con- crete and the abstract. Cards measure
Cards, Pack of 30
ELP626646 Dot Pattern Ten-Frame Activity Cards, Pack of 46
73⁄4" x 43⁄4". Grades K–2 $8.99 Each ELP626645 Write-On, Wipe-Off Ten-Frame

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