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124 Mathematics • Ten Frames
Set of 2 Life-Sized Mats!
Ten-Frame Floor Mat Set
Ten-Frame Trays
Use Ten-Frame Trays to visually teach early math skills such as counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, number patterns, addition, subtraction, and more. Trays are connectable and can also form 5 x 5 arrays for teaching multiplication concepts. Set includes
10 ten-frame trays, 5 five- frame trays, 150 double- sided counters, and activity guide. Ten-Frame trays measure 61⁄4"L x 25⁄8"H. Grades K+
LER6650 $19.99
Big mats and large, fun-to-move discs help build gross motor skills and add ex- citement to early math concepts such as counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, num- ber patterns, addition, subtraction, and more. Includes 2 ten-frame floor mats, 20 double-sided blue/green discs, and Activity Guide. Floor mats measure 5'L x 2'H. Grades K+
Ten Frame Towers®
Roll the dice and stack as many Ten Frame number tile combina- tions as you can. Build number bonds to 10 with the innovative stacking frames and develop math skills through multi-sensory learning. Helps students to quickly visualize numerals. Includes
65 counting frame tiles, 2 foam dice and activity guide. 2-4 players. Grades K–2 1
Giant Magnetic
Foam Ten Frames
Teachers and students will engage in base ten, operation skills and other number skills as a group or center activity. Set includes
2 magnetic foam Ten Frames and 20 disks (10 red and 10 yellow disks). Foam makes
it easy to remove pieces from white board. Frames measure 5" x 121⁄4". Grades PreK–2 CTU7469 $9.99
Foam Five & Ten Frames
Five Frames help build part whole understanding and builds a solid foundation for anchoring fives before moving to tens. Each set includes
4 interlocking foam boards and two-color foam pegs. Grades K+
CTU7406 Foam Five Frames with 20 pegs CTU7409 Foam Ten Frames with 40 pegs
$6.99 $10.99
Giant Magnetic Ten-Frame Set
Giant magnetic Ten-Frames and colorful discs allow students and teachers to engage with base ten and other number and operations skills (addition and subtraction) as a group. Set includes 4 magnetic frames, 40 discs
(20 green, 20 blue) and Instruction Guide. Frames measure 121⁄4"L x 5"H. Grades K+ LER6644 $19.99
Ten Frames Magnet Set
No flimsy frames—each die cut as a solid rectangle! Set features two sizes of magnetic, dry-erasable frames. Large frames help teachers demonstrate base ten and operation concepts on the classroom whiteboard. Smaller frames are for student practice on lap boards (not included). Includes
2 large 15" demo frames, 4 student frames, and 60 magnetic two-color
Magnetic Ten-Frame
Answer Boards
Reinforces counting, 1-to-1 correspon- dence, base 10, place value, number patterns, operations and more. Magnetic, write & wipe boards feature 10 frame on one side and double 10 frame on reverse. Includes 4 boards, 100 double-sided foam magnet counters and Activity Guide. Boards measure 7"L x 61⁄4"H. Grades K+ 1 LER6645 $29.99
counters. Grades K+ 1
2 Demo Frames & 4 Student Frames
DMC732170 DMC732190
Ten Frames Magnet Set
Extra Magnetic Two-Color Counters. Set of 200
$21.99 $12.50
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