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Dots also stick to ANY clean, glossy surface like dry erase boards, windows and more!
Complete Ten Frame Kit
Everything you need to teach basic numeracy in one great kit: Five Frame, Ten Frame, Double Ten Frame, and Number Bonds! EduStic’s unique “Press & Stick” material allows students to hold up boards while teachers check for understanding. Inspire your class to explore counting, addition, subtraction, object-number correspondence, and more. Includes 2 Five/Frame/Ten Frame Boards, 2 Double Ten Frame/Number Bond Boards, 200 “Press & Stick” Circles, and comprehensive how-to CD with 30+ Common Core-aligned activities and lessons (75 pages). Boards measure 81⁄2" x 11". Grades K–2 1
Ten Frames • Mathematics  125
Ten-Frames Kit
Everything you need for a wide variety of activities featuring ten-frames! Grades K–2 1
• Unifix Ten-Frame Cards (2 sets)
• Unifix Ten Frames Trains (50 trains)
• Unifix Magnetic Ten-Frames
• Write-On/Wipe-Off Ten-Frame Mats (20) DD-212116
• 1–50 Ten Frame Cards (2 sets)
• Corn on the Cob Ten Frame (10 cobs) • Working with Ten-Frames 160-page
book & CD
Unifix® Magnetic
Great for modeling operation skills such as addition and sub- traction as a group. Set includes four frames (121⁄2" x 5"), 20 Unifix magnets in two colors, and teaching notes with CCSS alignment. Grades K–2 DD-211037 $14.99
Ten Frame Stamp
This simple math tool helps children keep track of counting, see number relationships, learn addition to 10 and understand place value. The large 1⁄2" squares allows children space to work on addition and subtraction. 1
CE-933 CE-934 CE-935
Ten Frame Stamp Double Ten Frame Stamp Ten Frame Combo Kit
$8.99 $13.99
Unifix Ten-Frame Trains
Students develop a concrete understanding of the concept of ten with these connecting train cars. Includes ten cars, ten-frame spinner, 20 Unifix® Cubes, and teacher’s guide with games, teaching ideas and assessment instructions. For individual or small group use. Grades K–2 1
Ten Frames & Counters
Curriculum Cut-Outs
A great resource for teaching and practicing counting, addition, subtraction, and beginning place value! Includes 44 ten frames and 440 counters. Printed on card stock. 484 pieces. Grades K–2
2-Color Counters
1–50 Ten-Frame Cards
Set of cards showing ten-frames to 50. Great for a variety of ten-frames games and activities! Includes teaching notes with CCSS alignment. 31⁄2" x 6".
Set of 50. Grades K–2
DD-211480 $6.99
Write-On/ Wipe-Off Ten-Frame Mats
Two-color 1" plastic counters offer students a hands-on tool for under- standing and manipulating early abstract mathematical concepts. Set of 200. Grades K+ 1
Tough, flexible plastic mat has ten-frame and number bond outline on one side and two ten- frames on reverse. For use with dry-erase markers. Mats measure 9" x 12". Pack of 10. Grades K–2 DD-211441 $14.99
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