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126 Mathematics • Base Ten & Place Value
Plastic Base Ten Blocks
Interlocking Base Ten Blocks
These unique components conveniently interlock
to teach math concepts, value and grouping while enabling students to easily manipulate and visualize varying quantities. Grades 1+ 1
Starter Set
For 3-4 students. Includes 100 Units, 30 Rods,
10 Flats, 1 Cube, Base Ten Book.
Class Set
For 20-25 students. Includes 600 Units, 200 Rods,
20 Flats, 3 Cubes, Base Ten Book.
Grades 1+
Starter Set
For 3-4 students. Includes 100 Units, 30 Rods, 10 Flats, 1 Cube, and Base Ten Book.
100 Units (1 x 1 x 1 cm) 50 Rods (1 x 1 x 10 cm) 10 Flats (1 x 10 x 10 cm) 1 Cube (10 x 10 x 10 cm)
$3.49 $11.99 $11.99
$39.99 Each
LER0930 Blue
Class Set
For 20-25 students. Includes 600 Units, 200 Rods, 20 Flats, 3 Cubes, and Base Ten Book.
$119.99 Each
LER0932 Blue LER3552 Brights!TM
$39.99 $99.99
LER3551 Brights!TM
Base Ten Dual Number Line
Designed to be used with standard 1-centimeter base ten blocks (sold separately), this versatile tool helps students visualize and solve operations, ratio, and percent problems. The durable 1 cm foam number line has dual channels that can hold up to 50 base ten units each and a dry-erase writing surface. Includes teaching notes with sample activities for CCSS. 21"L x 4"H. Grades K–4
Place Value
Flip Stand
Simplify the teaching of big numbers with this
large flip stand. Features 7 sets of flip cards each 0 to 9. Side one covers place value from ones to millions. Side two provides practice with decimal numbers. Stands 5"H by 17"L. Grades 2–5
DD-195163 $19.99
Base 10 Block Stamps
Three-dimensional rubber stamp replicas of Base 10 Blocks can be used for student work and for making worksheets. 1
CE-798 6 stamps with handles $15.99 CE-802 4 stamps with grooved handles $6.99
Giant Magnetic
Base Ten Set
Real photos of base ten blocks help students better visualize the 3-D representation of math concepts. Includes 131 pieces (100 units, 20 rods, 10 flats and one cube). Flats measure 63⁄4"L x 63⁄4"H, and units measure 5⁄8"L. Grades 1+ 1
DD-211589 DD-211038
Foam Base Ten Blocks are sold separately
Base Ten Place Value & Decimal Frames
$9.99 DD-211582
Use these innovative foam frames to demonstrate early place value concepts and decimals. Use with standard 1-centimeter base ten blocks (sold separately).
Place Value Cards
Engage children in practicing place value notation from decimals to billions with this set of write-on/wipe-off cards. Includes teaching notes. Set of 10, 15" x 5" each. Grades 1–5
Includes frame, 21 number tiles, and teaching notes.
DD-211038 DD-211582 DD-211431
Base Ten Place Value Frame. Grades K–2 Base Ten Decimal Frame. Grades 3–5 Foam Base Ten Blocks. 111 pieces
$8.99 $8.99 $7.99
Magnetic Base Ten
Place Value Set
Works on any magnetic surface and consists of 18"W x 9"H frame, 20 unit cubes, 20 ten rods, 1 hundred flat, 21 number labels, and extensive teaching notes related to math standards. Base
Active Place Value Set
ten cubes are 5⁄8". Grades K–2
Teach from decimals to billions with his large format set! Each of the five period charts (billions, millions, thousands, units, decimals) is 12" x 36" for wall display. 92, 4" x 6" numeral cards are designed to be used in student games or can be attached to the charts with included velcro dots. Grades 1–5
DD-211443 $24.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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