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128 Mathematics • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Converts to
a Full-Function Calculator with the Touch of a Button!
LCD Screen Clearly Displays Problems Horizontally & Vertically!
Minute Math
TM Electronic Flash Card
Familiar fact family triangle is now elec- tronic! Practice operations and early alge- braic skills. Offers 60-second timed mode, untimed mode and 3 levels of difficulty. Color-coded screen frames reinforce parts of the equation. Gives positive, corrective feed- back (visual and auditory). Durable unit with volume control measures 51⁄2"H. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. Grades 1+
Electronic Flash Cards!
This portable skill-building ELA quizzes 8 different skill levels in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages, AND works as a full-function cal- culator at the press of a button! Answers receive immediate feedback, with colorful flashing lights and tones. Sound can be turned off for silent classroom operation. Requires 2 “AA” batteries, not included. 1 player. Grades 1+
Math WhizTM
Learn math in a flash! This portable ELA quizzes kids on addition, subtraction, multiplication, divi- sion, AND transforms into a full-function calculator with the press of a button. Features 8 skill levels, as well as lights and sounds for instant feedback and a mute button for silent play. Requires 2 “AAA” batteries, not included. 1 player. Grades 1+
Rock ‘N Learn® Math
CD & DVD Programs
Make math fun with these cool audio and video programs! Each audio title includes a CD featur- ing a variety of dynamic songs and a book with reproduc-
ible puzzles, worksheets, and games. DVDs use energetic per- formers and colorful animation to hold attention. High interest for learners of all abilities.
Multiplication SlamTM
Slammin’ multiplication practice!
Practice multiples, math facts, factors, factor pairs, and sequencing with five slammin’ math games in one! Questions appear on the LCD screen and nine colorful paddles display possible answers. Kids read the questions and slam the correct answer—a fun, physical play pat- tern. Ticking clock and rockin’ rhythm keep kids engaged. Requires 3 “AA” batteries, not included. Grades 3+ EI-8477 $44.99
Addition & Subtraction Rap (facts to 18) Addition & Subtraction Rock (facts to 18) Multiplication Rap (facts to 12)* Multiplication Rock (facts to 12)* Division Rap (divisors to 9)
Colors, Shapes & Counting Money & Making Change Telling Time
Beginning Fractions & Decimals
Math Word Problems
* Includes Printable Book
Audo CD
RL-918 RL-906 RL-403 RL-405 –
– – – – –
$12.99 $12.99 $9.99 $9.99
$14.99 RL-923 RL-924 RL-921 RL-922 RL-980 RL-944 RL-928 RL-347 RL-981 RL-201
Math Marks the SpotTM Floor Game
Adds excitement to math practice as kids compete to be the first to answer addition and subtraction equations correctly. Encourages physi- cal activity in fast-paced game play as kids jump, touch or place markers on the answer. Includes three 5" soft foam dice, 28 cardboard markers and activity guide. Durable vinyl mat measures 5'L x 4'H. Grades K+ LER0383 $39.99
Math SlamTM
The slammin’ way to practice
Addition & Subtraction
Read the question, scan the possible answers, and slam the one that’s correct! Better move quickly, though, each game of 13 questions is timed—the faster you get through the questions, the better your score! Four levels, flash-
ing lights, and fun sound effects keep players interested. Requires 3 “C” batteries, not included. Grades 1+ 1 EI-8476 $39.99
5 Different Math Games!
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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