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Operations & Algebraic Thinking • Mathematics  129
Ping Pong Math
Young students will love learning to count, compare, add, and subtract with these fun and colorful foam number balls. Use our suggested games to practice counting, greater than/less than, number bonds, and early addition and subtraction.
Set includes 21 numbered balls (0-20), 4 operator balls (+, -, =, ?), and a variety
of activity ideas. Grades PreK–K
Addition Machine
A visual way to teach addition! Drop the balls into the cups, tilt them over so they fall into the addition funnel and through to the numbered tray, and then count them up! Includes 2 cups, funnel, 20 balls (10 green, 10 blue), number line, equals sign, and tray. Tray measures
Develop a nimble mind by computing basic mul- tiplication facts or by breaking products down into factors and possibly prime factors. In Product Capture, players claim the product of two factors they spin. In Factor Pursuit, players compute the product of two spin-
ners and mark any set of factors for this product on their score-
cards. Be the
first to fill
your score-
card and win!
2 players or teams. Grades 3–7 1 CTU4790 $23.99
11"L. Grades PreK+
1, 4
Order of Operations Game
Roll the PEMDice and create equations—just be sure they’re correct and follow the math- ematical order of operations! Earn points by creating equations that use the most dice. These unique dice feature numbers, fractions (1⁄2, 1⁄3, 1⁄4), operations (+, -, x, 3√, ÷, ^, ^2, ^3, and !), parentheses, and equal signs. Game includes 30 unqiue color-coded PEMDice, activity guide with a variety of game options, and shaker. For 2 students. Grades 5–12 1
The Magic School BusTM
Math Explosion Game
Be the first player to explode the volcano by getting your math facts correct! Math Explosion makes math a BLAST with a two-sided colorful laminated game board, an exploding volcano, printable math fact sheets, an on-line math creator for unlimited math facts, and more! Grades K+ YSCWH9251157
Operations Dice
Roll A Sum
A fun way to develop mental calcula- tion and counting! Simply roll the dice and group the dice together that are related. Choose the dice you want to use and the best dice to start your sum. Contains 10 dice and carry sack. Grades K–4 1
JRL146 $9.99
A fun way to improve math fluency! 16mm dice. Set of 10. 1
Math Balance
Students will easily grasp various number concepts because they can see the results! Display number relationships of equal to (=), greater than (>), or less than (<), basic operation skills and more with this self-checking balance. Includes twenty, 10-gram weights. Grades 1–6
Equip the Whole Classroom with New Student-Size Balance!
KOP18201 KOP18207 KOP18204 KOP01554
Addition $5.99 Subtraction $5.99 Multiplication $5.99 Intermediate
CTU25892 CTU7698
Math Balance. 251⁄2"L x 82⁄3"H Student Math Balance. 14"L x 5"H
$19.99 $8.99
Multiplication, Polyhedron. Set of 3.
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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