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130 Mathematics • Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Set of 5. Grades K+
A great alternative to flash cards, Math-Fact-Oh! builds and rein- forces basic math skills while improving memory and concentra- tion! For every solution card there are three corresponding equation cards that compose a triangle called a “Math-Fact-Oh!”. Players compete to be the first to create the Math-Fact-Oh! sets by locating the problem cards that match their solution cards. 2–5 players. $21.99 Each
CTU2163 Addition & Subtraction. Grades K+ CTU2167 Multiplication & Division. Grades 3+
Number Bonds Magnet Set
Includes two sizes of magnetic, dry-erasable bonds! Teachers use the large
demo bond to model equations on the classroom whiteboard. Students use the included smaller bonds to practice on lap boards (not included). Includes 1 large demo bond and 4 student bonds (each bond die cut as a solid piece). Demo bond measures approximately 151⁄2"W x 121⁄3"H. Grades K+ 1
DMC732180 $19.99
Write-On/Wipe-Off Fact Family Triangle Mats
Each set includes 10 durable 9" x 12" mats made of flexible plastic. For use with dry-erase markers. $14.99 Each
Number Bonds Answer Boards
These double-sided, interactive write & wipe boards are designed to demonstrate fact family relationships. One side features a blank number bond and the reverse is for writing fact families. Great for building addition and subtraction skills, number relationships, and part-part-whole relationships. Boards measure 61⁄4"L x 61⁄4"H.
DD-211763 Addition. Each mat features an addition
DD-211768 Multiplication. Each mat features a mul- tiplication fact family triangle on one side and a factor diagram on the other. Grades 2–4
Three-Corner® Flash Cards
Kids love these self-checking cards that teach two math operations and the relationship between them. Great for individual or small group practice. Includes 46 durable, easy to hold 51⁄2" triangle cards featuring facts through 12. $9.99 Each T-1670 Addition & Subtraction Grades 1+
T-1671 Multiplication & Division Grades 3+
fact family triangle on one side and a number bond on $19.99 the other. Grades 1–3
Write & Wipe
Fact Family Boards
Familiar triangle format reinforces fact families and number fact flu- ency. Double-sided, write & wipe boards focus on addition/subtrac- tion on one side, multiplication/ division on reverse. Support alge- braic skills such as equations, the commutative property and problem solving. 10"H. Set of 5. Grades 1+
Sensational MathTM Part-Whole Cards
Visual support to understand number relationships!
Sensational MathTM
Number Bond Cards
ELP626647 Sensational MathTM Number-Bond Cards
These cards illustrate the relationships between numbers, helping stu- dents to gain number sense and build fluency. Great for individual or
Practice combinations of numbers to 10. When students look at a card that shows 2 and 3 as parts of 5, they see the relationship between numbers–and they also see that 3 is greater than 2. Cards are 5" x 5". 80 cards. Grades K–2 ELP626634 $10.99
Problems can be written with dry erase markers on cards. Students can answer problems and hold up card for formative assessment by teacher or other students. 5" x 5". 30 cards. ELP626649
group use. Cards are 5" x 5". 80 cards.
$10.99 Each
ELP626647 ELP626648
Addition & Subtraction. Grades K–2 Multiplication & Division. Grades 3–5
Includes Giant Demo Bond & 4 Smaller Student Bonds!
One matching set makes a triangle "math-fact-oh!"
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