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10 Days to Multiplication Mastery
This Class Kit comes with 25 sets of Multiplication Wrap-ups, 25 student work- books, a Wrap-up Rap Multiply Audio CD, stop watch and a 17" x 22" class record- ing chart. The 64-page student workbook emphasizes conceptual understanding, illustrates commutative properties, and gives meaningful practice with recording
Basic Math
Intro Kit
Includes 5 sets of Wrap-ups (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Fractions) and 4 “Wrap-up Rap” audio CDs (+, −, x, ÷). 1 LWU-K801 $59.99
charts that show students how much they have learned. LWU-K453 Class Kit
LWU-753 Extra Student Workbook
$299.99 $4.99
Operations & Algebraic Thinking • Mathematics  131
Math Wrap-ups®
Students wrap the string from the problem on the left to the answer on the right, then turn the Wrap-up over to see if they are correct. Each set contains 10 self-correcting boards covering 120 basic facts. 1
$9.99 Each
LWU-KADD Addition
LWU-KSUB Subtraction LWU-KDIV Division LWU-KMUL Multiplication LWU-KFRAC Fractions
Math Wrap-ups® Class Kits
These kits include 30 sets of same-operation Wrap-ups, a corresponding Wrap-ups Rap audio CD and Mastery workbook, Skip Counting DVD, and Math Facts teach-
Math Wrap-ups® Resource Kit
ing manual. 1 LWU-K401 Addition LWU-K402 Subtraction
$269.99 Each LWU-K403 Multiplication
This kit is perfect for working with small groups of students with varying degrees of ability. Includes 30 sets of Wrap-ups (6 each of addition, subtraction, multipli- cation, division and fractions), 4 corresponding Wrap-up Rap CDs, Skip Counting DVD, stopwatch, Math Facts teaching manual, and all four 32-page Mastery workbooks. 1
LWU-K404 Division All 4 math class kits at an incredible value!
School Kit
Multiplication Card Game
Players draw cards to add or multiply points. Wild cards can send scores zooming forward, backward, or stall
a turn. Helps to build multiplication skills, use addition skills, and apply probability strategies. 100 playing cards. 1-4 players. Grades 4+
T-76304 $10.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
ZAP!® Addition/Subtraction
Card Game
This fun, suspense-filled game reinforces addition skills, builds subtraction skills, and develops an awareness of probability and chance. 100 playing cards. 1-4 players. Grades 2+
Timed Math Drills
Math Drills to Improve Speed & Accuracy
These step-by-step activity pages are perfect for the student who needs plenty of practice to reach mastery levels. Validate students’ achievement with the repro- ducible award certificates, and use the progress charts to track development. 50-125 facts per page! 32 pages. Grades 3–6 $7.99 Each
REM501 Addition REM503 Multiplication
REM502 Subtraction REM504 Division
Set of all 4 books

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