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Time • Mathematics  133
Write & Wipe Clocks
These heavy-duty laminated clocks fea- ture movable plastic hands and a place to write the digital time. Demonstration clock is 12" square with grommets
for hanging. Student clocks measure
41⁄2" square. Grades 1+
LER0573 Demonstration Clock $6.99 LER0572 Student Clocks. Set of 10$. 9.99
Large Demonstration Clock is 12"H
Clock Wise
Clock Wise provides playful practice in telling time to five-minute intervals. Play- ers match an analog clock with the time it shows. Three levels of play: quarter-hour intervals, five-minute intervals, or both. 48 dominoes. 2-4 players. Grades 2+
Time Activity Mat
Reinforce time-telling skills kinesthetically in 5-minute increments! Features removable, color-coded, plastic clock hands; four 5" inflatable dice, 20 question cards and Activity Guide. Time number line along the mat’s bottom edge helps with elapsed time activities. Durable vinyl mat measures 41⁄2' square and can hang or lie on the floor. Grades K+
Magnetic Time
Activity Set
Build a giant analog clock on your whiteboard for whole class demonstrations! Durable clock hands are geared to move in accurate increments. Simply remove any magnetic foam number to assess. Then write in a number word or Ro- man numeral to differentiate. Numbers approximately
3" in diameter. Grades K+
Telling Time Bulletin Board Set
Telling Time kit works with any analog classroom clock to teach time visually. Set also includes 6 punch-out clocks with hands to
Magnetic Elapsed
Time Set
Demonstrate one of the tough- est math concepts! Segmented timeline helps students under- stand that elapsed time can begin in the PM and end in the AM. Removable guide numbers support differentiation. Includes 2 magnetic clocks with hands, 24-hour timeline (4 segments), start and end time arrows, and removable guide numbers. Clocks measure 10". Grades 2+
practice basic time concepts.
Clock Stamps
Set includes three circular faces about 2" in diameter each. One shows five-minute divisions; the second shows 60-minute divisions and the third one shows 12 five-minute divisions with the hour numerals. 1
Student Elapsed Time RulerTM
This unique, write-on wipe-off time tool allows students to measure time in a number line format where they can visually see where the time goes! Hours are divided into five minute increments marked with dashes and 15 minute increments are also noted. Features interlocking ends for elapsed time ques- tions from P.M. to A.M. 17" x 13⁄4". Grades 2+
CE-099 Analog Clock Stamp Set, Set of 3
CE-100 Digital Clock Stamp, 21⁄2" x 31⁄2"
CE-101 Large Clock with Numbers Stamp, 21⁄2" square
Product Safety See inSide front cover
$11.49 $4.99 $4.99
CTU7537 Single CTU7547 Set of 10
$1.99 $18.99
Interlocking ends demonstrate the continuity of time!

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