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Money • Mathematics  135
One matching set makes a triangle "math-fact-oh!"
math-fact-oh!TM Money
Players compete to be the first to create the math-fact-oh!TM sets by locat- ing the problem cards that match their solution cards. Includes 8 solution cards, 72 problem cards organized into three levels, 9 game changer cards, and instructions. 2–5 players. Grades 2+
Drive-Thru Menu Math
An Appetizing Approach to Learning Math Skills From burgers to burritos, nearly everything you might order from a fast-food restaurant can be found on the colorful menus included in this practical math series. Students solve computation and real-life word problems by referring to the highly visual drive-thru menus. Each book includes 4 unique menus. 64 pages.
REM601B Add & Subtract Money. Grades 3–5 $11.99 REM601C Multiply & Divide Money. Grades 4–6 $11.99
REM602B Extra Menus 6-Pack
Making Change Octominoes
This game provides playful practice in counting money and making change while building competence in addition and sub- traction. The two main games—Coin Values and Making Change are both self-checking and have a unique starting board that offers eight different positions to place your domi- noes. Also includes lesson plans and other game ideas. 1-4 players. Grades 3+ CTU4522
U.S. Currency
Giant bills measure 123⁄4" x 53⁄4"; coins measure 3"-5" in diameter. Printed both sides in full color on heavy coated stock. 45 pieces.
TNT3069 $9.49
Managing My Allowance
A fun way to learn valuable first money experiences! Players use coins and bills to pay for purchases, compute change, handle allowances and gifts, collect earnings, and make deposits into college savings accounts. Game variations offer two difficulty levels. 2-4 players. Grades 3+ 1
Money BagsTM
A Coin Value Game
Valuable money skills are “in the bag” as students collect, count and exchange money all the way to the finish line. Includes game board with spinner, 100 plastic coins, play bills, markers and die.
2-4 players. Grades 2+ 1
U.S. Money
Bulletin Board Set
Enlarged reproductions of U.S. cur- rency and coins make money values, counting, and equivalencies add up to learning fun. 52 pieces. Equivalency chart is 17" tall.
T-8142 $11.99
$10.99 CTU4608 Money Foam
Colorful, thick foam sheet with a write-on/wipe-off surface! Pieces are die-cut and removable. 81⁄2" x 11". $3.99 Each
ASH40011 U.S. Dollars ASH40010 U.S. Coins ASH40018 Canadian Dollars ASH40017 Canadian Coins
for demonstration & teaching purposes!
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