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138 Mathematics • Patterning & Geometry
Pattern Blocks
Use these sets of blocks, in six shapes and six colors to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measure- ment, fractions and problem solving. The 1 cm blocks are thick enough to stand up for 3-dimensional patterning. Set of 250 plastic blocks. Grades PreK+ 1 LER0134 0.5 cm thick $19.99 LER0632 1 cm thick $29.99
Tri MagsTM
Magnetic geometry for fun and creativity! A single cube is made up of 24 large, easy-to- handle, colorful pyramids. Held together by magnets, the pieces fit together only when the magnets are properly aligned. Idea Booklet in- cludes 20 suggested designs to get you started. 24 pieces. Grades PreK+
Pattern Building Stretch Band Kit
Stretch the imagination of learning by promoting critical thinking, fine motor skills, creativity, independent and group play! Create an individual pattern on each board then use all boards to create a new four-piece pattern as shown on card. 80-piece set includes 60 stretch bands in 5 assorted colors, four 41⁄2" x 41⁄2" pattern boards, and 16 pattern cards. Grades K+ 1
Pattern Block Activity Set
Thirty-six designs, varying in complexity, entertain and encourage geometric exploration. Great for pat- terning and reasoning practice. Includes 36 design cards and 124 Plastic Pattern Blocks in 6 shapes and colors. Grades 2+ 1
LER0335 Pattern Block Activity Set $24.99 LER0264 Intermediate Pattern Block Design
Pattern Block Cards
Primary Pattern Block Task Cards
Rainbow Premier
Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks
Scored pentomino sets in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple are packed in a clear plastic tub for easy storage. Activity Guide included. Set of 72. Grades 1+ 1
Reinforce shape recognition, symmetry, congruency, fractions, area and more! Perfect for demonstration, proportionately sized pieces are 3 times the length of standard pattern blocks on each side—and 9 times greater in total area! Largest piece (hexagon) measures 6". Includes 47 pieces and Activity Guide. Grades PreK+
Level 1 has lines and shape colors shown. Level 2 has interior and exterior lines only. Ideal for matching skill practice and fitting shapes together! Includes
20 durable, double-sided 81⁄4" x 112⁄3" cards in a reclos- able plastic bag. Pattern Blocks sold separately. Grades 2+
This colorful set of pattern block activities stimulates children to think about colors, shapes, and pat- terns! Engage them in hands-on learning involving counting, one-to-one correspondence, building and extending patterns, and spatial problem solving.
24 cards. Grades PreK–2 1 CTU7149 $14.99 CTU4530
Cards only
Square Color Tiles
Watch your children explore and build colorful patterns with these 1" plastic tiles. Set includes 400 color tiles in four colors packaged in a reusable storage bucket. Activity Guide included. Grades 1+ 1
Pattern Block Stamps
Each stamp’s base is the same color as the corresponding block, which makes identification of the shapes easier for young children. Set of 6. 1
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