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Geometry • Mathematics
Junior GeoStix®
Improve fine motor skills and develop creative think- ing skills with this award-winning construction set! Set includes 200 GeoStix® in 10 lengths ranging from 2.5cm to 15cm plus 30 double-sided activity cards. Grades PreK+ 1
GeoStix® Basic Set
GeoStix® are flexible sticks that snap together at dif- ferent points allowing students to investigate planar geometry. Basic Set includes 80 GeoStix® in 8 lengths, 2 protractors, and double-sided task cards with 23 activities. Grades 3+ 1
CTU7751 $15.99
GeoStix® Deluxe Set
Includes Curved Shapes!
Working with the Geoboard
Equipped with a 25-pin geoboard and the activities
in this book, students calculate area and perimeter; explore the properties of quadrilaterals, triangles, and other polygons; discover formulas; work with number patterns, the coordinate plane, and rotations and sym- metry; and turn the geoboard over to investigate circle geometry. 96 pages + CD. Grades 5–8
360° AngleViewerTM
Visual Protractor
Sturdy, flexible 51⁄4" plastic protrac- tor helps students clearly visualize different kinds of angles, understand an angle is a piece of the 360o circle, draw angles, and measure angles accurately. An outstanding tool for visual learners! Grades 3+ 1 CTU7649
Transparent pivot point allows students to see line intersections
Bullseye® Student Compass
Features a transparent pivot point and a Quick-SetTM radius indicator with two radius holes for easy and accurate drawing of circles. Students can determine and draw the radius in customary or metric scales and even use the built-in pro- tractor to construct and measure angles. Compass is made of shatter-resistant SAFE-T® Plastic for years of use. 6"L. Set of 12. Grades 3+ 1
Deluxe Set contains 100 GeoStix® in 10 lengths includ- ing 90° quarter-circle and 180° half-circle curved pieces, 2 protractors, and 16 double-sided activity cards. Grades 3+ 1
CTU21366 $24.99
Includes Interactive CD with a Virtual Geoboard!
Rainbow Geoboards
Sturdy 5" plastic geoboards in 6 colors feature a 5
x 5 pin array on one side and a 12-pin circular array on the reverse side. Rubber bands included. Set of 6. Grades K+ 1
LER0425 $14.99
Plastic Geoboards
Sturdy 71⁄4" plastic geoboards in 5 colors feature a 5 x 5 pin array with raised edges to protect knobbed pegs. Rubber bands included. Set of 10. Grades K+ 1
Help students learn to measure shapes and angles. Ideal for hands-on activities that teach perimeter, area, and much more! Set of 74 AngLegs® in 6 color-coded lengths snap togeth- er to form polygons. Measure by attaching the polygons to the included protractors. Pieces measure 21⁄4"–53⁄4"L. Includes 15 double-sided Activity Cards. Set of 74. Grades K+ 1 LER4340
Includes 15 double-sided Activity Cards
4-in-1 Drawing Tool: Compass, Ruler (in), Ruler (cm), Protractor
Bullseye® Demonstration Compass
Model drawing activities for the whole class! Draw circles 2"-32" in diameter, construct and measure angles with built-in protractor and measure length in customary or metric scales with ruler edges. Unique attachments
fit a piece of chalk or dry-erase marker. Suction cup fits securely on board for accurate measurements and construction. Made
of shatter-resistant SAFE-T® Plastic.
193⁄4"L x 41⁄4"H.
LER1508 $24.99
Use on chalkboards or whiteboards
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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