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142 Mathematics • Measurement 1000 ml buckets
Pan Balance
Teach mass measurement with this durable plastic balance and weights. Buckets detach for easy clean up and hold up to one liter. Sliding compensator for zero adjustments provides accurate measurements. Set includes five each of 5-gram and 10-gram Hexagram® weights. 241⁄2"L x 81⁄2"W x 14"H. Grades PreK+  1
500 ml buckets
Pan Balance Jr.
Durable, plastic scale with detachable pans can hold solids or up to 500ml
liquid. Scale measures 14"L x 41⁄2"W x 6"H. Grades K+
Removable 500 ml buckets
Bucket Balance
Easy-pour spouts
Students can compare solid and liquid measurements using this super-durable balance. Graduated, removable buckets are easy to grip and pour. Heavy-duty plastic wipes clean. Compensator with 1 g sensitivity. 16"L x 53⁄4"W x 5"H. Grades PreK+ 1
Removable, calibrated, clear buckets hold solids or up to 400 ml of liquid. Easy- pour spout makes measuring solids mess-free. Bucket lids can be used as plat- forms. Built-in drawer is perfect for storing weights. Balance measures 161⁄2"L x 61⁄2"W x 6"H. Weighted numbers sold separately. Grades PreK+ 1
LER1521 $19.99
Bucket Balance
Removable 400 ml buckets
Quality electronic scale with precision digital
readout. Zero ad- justment function
for all types of accurate weighing activities. Auto-off
feature saves on batteries. Accurate +/- to 1 gram. 3 kg/6.5 lbs.
Digital Scale
Precision School
with Weights
Removable Buckets & Pans
capacity. Grades 3+ 1 CTU7643
Sturdy, quality balance made of high-impact plastic features built-in weight case with lid, 10 brass weights, 2" deep removable pans, a zero adjustment knob and damp- ing button. Total capacity of 2000g with +/- 0.5g accuracy. Grades 3+ 1
Cubes weigh 1g each. Grades 1+ LER2089 Set of 1,000 LER2076 Set of 500
$34.99 $19.99
Each Cube Weighs 1 Gram
Working with
the Rocker Scale
Students will explore addition and sub- traction, equations and unknowns, and inequalities with the rocker scale. These hands-on activities, combined with practice worksheets and virtual activities on the accompanying CD, provide a strong founda- tion for success. 120 pages. Grades K–2
CD Included
10-Color Centimeter Cubes
Plastic 1cm cubes in 10 colors come in a resealable storage tub with Activity Guide.
Hexagram® Metric Weight Set
Set of 54 Hexagram® weights includes twenty 1g, twenty 5g, ten 10g and four 20g in a storage case. Grades 3+ 1 LER4292 $9.99
Brass Mass Set
Ten-piece, precision weight set includes 2 each of: 1g, 2g, 5g and 10g, and 1 each of 20g and 50g weights. Set of 10. Grades 3+ 1
LER2065 $14.99
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