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Measurement • Mathematics  143
A great open-ended activity for teaching measurement concepts! 16mm dice feature common units of weights and measurement. Set of 10. 1 $5.99 Each KOP18004 Linear Measurement
Grades PreK+
Measurement Concepts Real-World Activities
to Deepen Understanding
Using these 40 fun, hands-on activities, children will measure their footprints, teddy bears, and more with items such as paper clips and Unifix Cubes. With assessment built into each activity, these carefully designed activities can be used as small-group work or with the whole class. 140 pages. Grades K–1 1 DD-211266 $14.99
Measure It!
How tall is it? Who has more? How long until my turn? Learn about measuring units and pick the right tools with this series. Striking photography and simple text take readers through fun, real-world measuring exam- ples. Set of 4 books, 32 pages each. Grades PreK–2
A Wonderfully Wild Mathematical Safari!
These darling, teacher-created wooden blocks are perfect for free play and much more. Watch numbers come to life! Ladybug + Tree Frog? It’s Mouse, of course! InchimalsTM are irresistible and provide long-term educational fun! Features 12 colorful wooden animal blocks measuring 1" to 12", 100 write-on/wipe-off learning puzzles with dry-erase marker.
KOP18006 Weights
How Tall Am I?
Fun From Head to Toe!
Roll the die and stack up the parts to create a crazy character! Use the custom measuring ruler to find out if your charac- ter is the tallest, you win! Ruler has 1 inch,
1⁄2 inch and centimeter markings. 2-4 players. Grades PreK–3
JAX5010 $17.99
Fence It In
Exploring Area & Perimeter
This miniature lab teaches area and perimeter concepts through hands-on activities, problem-solving, and a card game that can be played at three levels. Students will use square tiles and rulers to measure the area and perimeter of square-based shapes, assemble tiles into a mystery shape with a given area and perimeter, pair shape cards with matching area/perimeter cards, and more. Includes 9 double-sided task cards, rulers, square tiles, and 50 cards. 1-4 players. Grades 2+
A powerful measurement resource!
Double beveled. 1⁄16" scale on one edge, millimeters on the other. Natural finish. 11⁄8" wide x 5⁄32" thick. Pencil groove and single metal edge. Holes allow
Durable plastic rulers feature double beveled edge with pencil groove. Calibrations show 1⁄16 inches on one edge, millimeters on the other.
storage in a ring binder.
Ruler Tape
Sturdy tape cuts easily into 40 rulers of 12"/30cm lengths. Sticks fast to surfaces, yet peels away easily with no sticky
6" Ruler
$.49 CHL80610 CHL80640
12" Ruler
$.39 CHL77136 CHL77336
Economy Wood Ruler
Plastic Ruler
Tape Measure
Assorted Colors
Easy wind-up tape is marked in inches/ feet on one side and mm/cm on the other. Durable casing for years of use. 33'/10M. Grades K+
LER0365 $9.99
Teach & TearTM Tape
60 yards of tape, perfect for learning basic math. Just tear, stick, and mea- sure or solve equations! 180' roll.
Measuring Tape
Repeats every 18" with 1⁄4" tick
Includes numbers 0-9 plus operations symbols. PACAC9317 $10.19
Product Safety See inSide front cover
marks and centimeters.
Math Tape

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