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144 Mathematics • Graphing
FLP11161 FLP11162
1⁄4" Squares 1⁄2" Squares
$14.99 Each
Coordinate Mats
the bottom. 11" x 16".
$6.50 Each
Graphing Mats DD-211447
X-Y Axis Dry Erase Boards
Double-sided 9" x 12" boards feature a coordinate grid (x-y axis) for graphing exercises on one side and a blank writing surface on the other. 3⁄8" squares. Class pack of 12.
Dry Erase Graph Board
Save paper with this reusable dry erase board! Features a 91⁄2" x 91⁄2" grid plus a blank 4" x 11" workspace at
Write-On/Wipe-Off Graphing Mats
Heavy vinyl 9" x 12" mats are ideal for use with erasable markers. Each set includes 10 double-sided mats and a teaching guide with activity
10 Write-On/Wipe-Off
Graphs Flip Chart
Build must-know math skills with these 10 reusable, fill-in graphs on favorite topics including transportation, birthdays, colors, weather, names, and more. Use a dry-erase pen, then wipe clean to use again and again! Includes easy lessons that meet the Common Core State Standards. 15" x 201⁄2". 22 pages. Grades K–2
X-Y Coordinate Pegboard
This pegboard has a sliding X and Y axis that makes coordinate graphing fun and easy to
understand! The pegs can be used to graph points in one or all four quadrants, and
show geometric translations, rotations, reflections, data in bar or line graphs, and much more. Includes one peg-
board, 50 blue pegs, an X and Y sliding axis, and rubber bands. Grades 3+ 1
Coordinate Graphing
Motivate students to use math to create
art! Use these fun projects for bonus work, “Fun Fridays”, or days with substitute teachers. The projects vary in difficulty, making them ideal for differentiated instruction.
TCR2493 TCR2115
Creating Geometry Quilts,
48 pages. Grades 4+ $9.99 Creating Pictures Using Math Skills,
Where’s Wilma?
Graphing in the Four Quadrants
Wilma outdoes Wilson! She finds places to hide in all four quadrants. Players match her mystery locations with ordered pairs such as (-6, 3) and (-1, -2), build- ing an octopus-like pattern outward from the octomino starting board. Self- checking. 2-4 players. Grades 5+
Integer Chess
Players plot points and move along the lines as they try to arrange five pawns in a row. Understanding
of important algebraic concepts grows through play. The basic game and its variations—Capture, Refuge, Hide and Seek,
and Treasure
intriguing settings
for developing com-
petence in graphing and making vector-like moves
on the coordinate plane.
2-4 players. Grades 4+ 1 CTU4794 $23.99
80 pages. Grades 5–8
Graph It! Bulletin Board Set
From bar graphs and picture graphs to line graphs and line plots, this set allows students to gather data from classmates and work interactively to achieve graph proficiency. 106 pieces. Grades 1–5
CD-110345 $12.99
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