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148 Mathematics • Flash Cards & Games
NP-431011 NP-433011
Grades 1–2 Grades 3–5
Cards measure 21⁄2" x 4". EP-62430 Addition
Hot Dots® Math Flash Cards
Use as basic flash cards or add the Talking Hot Dots® Pen for instant reinforcement!
Just touch the pen to the correct answer and get a positive response. Great send-home helpers for students needing extra reinforcement. Talking Hot Dots® Pen requires 2 “AAA”
batteries, not included. 50 double-sided 31⁄2" x 5" cards per set. Grades 1+ EI-2755 Addition (facts 0-9)
EI-2757 Subtraction (facts 0-13)
EI-2759 Multiplication (facts 0-9)
$10.99 Each
EI-2761 Fractions
EI-2570 Talking Hot Dots® Pen
Math Vocabulary Builder Flash Cards
Colorfully illustrated cards provide comprehensive coverage of the key math terms in the current state and national standards. Each 4" x 51⁄2" card features the term and a graphic depiction on one side and the definition on the reverse. Ideal for use in individ- ual or small group review. Set of 200. $24.95 Each
All Facts Skill Drill Flash Cards
All Facts through 12!
Equations are presented two ways to reinforce skills. Cards measure 3" x 6". 156-169 cards per set. $13.99 Each
Math in a FlashTM Flash Cards
Classroom-tested, kid-selected flash card size invites learners to pick up, play and learn! Two-sided color-coded flash cards have rounded corners for durability and a pre-drilled hole for the storage ring. Each set includes 169 self-checking flash cards for all number families 0-12, plus 2 sort-and-store rings.
T-53201 Addition 0-12. Grades 1+ T-53202 Subtraction 0-12. Grades 1+ T-53203 Multiplication 0-12. Grades 3+ T-53204 Division 0-12. Grades 4+
T-53011 Colors, Shapes, & Numbers T-53107 Numbers 0-100
T-53016 Money
T-53108 Telling Time
T-53101 Addition 0-12
$12.99 Each EP-62432 Multiplication
EP-62433 Division Skill Drill
Flash Cards
When it comes to mastering basic skills, these flash cards deliver results! Each big set is sized for the classroom, and can be divided up for individuals, pairs, or small study groups. Perfect for learning centers! No-see-through cards are self-checking and have rounded corners for quick sorting. Cards measure 3" x 6". 91-101 cards. $7.99 Each
T-53109 Fraction Fun (wholes through twelfths)
T-53010 Make-Your-Own (100 blank cards)
Math Bingo
A fun way to practice math skills! Each set contains
4 boards and 24 cards. 2–4 players.
$9.99 Each
JRL546 JRL547 JRL548 JRL549 JRL550
Number. Grades PreK+ Ten Frame. Grades K+ Time. Grades K+ Fraction. Grades 1+ Multiplication. Grades 1+
T-53102 T-53103 T-53104 T-53105 T-53106
Addition 13-18 Subtraction 0-12 Subtraction 13-18 Multiplication 0-12 Division 0-12
T-6061 Colors & Shapes. Grades PreK+
T-6068 Numbers. Grades PreK+
T-6069 Addition. Grades 1+
T-6071 Money. Grades K+
T-6072 Telling Time. Grades 1+ T-6078 Place Value. Grades 2+
T-6135 Multiplication. Grades 3+
T-6136 Fractions. Grades 3+
Bingo Games
Learning Fun for All Skill Levels!
Bingo is the classic learning game everyone loves! Unique, 6- and 8-way formats adapt to a variety of skill levels. It’s the perfect learn- ing supplement for small groups or the entire class! Each game includes 36 different playing cards, caller’s mat and cards, and enough chips for 3-36 players. $10.99 Each
Two-Sided Bingo Games
$15.99 Each
T-6141 Multiplication & Division. Grades 4+ T-6142 Fractions, Decimals, & Percents.
Grades 5+

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