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50 Activities for Math
Full-color, laminated cards offer 50 hands-on activities right at your fingertips! The front side provides teaching objectives, resources used and procedure. The other side gives visual examples presented with clear photography. Perfect for use in learning centers, small groups, or with the
whole class. 50 double-sided activity cards, 71⁄4" x 43⁄4".
$14.99 Each
Grades K+
JRL323 Attribute Blocks JRL324 Link Cubes JRL325 Number Lines JRL326 Base Ten JRL327 Place Value
Grades PreK+
JRL320 Counters JRL321 Ten Frames JRL322 Bead Strings JRL339 Dominoes
JRL340 Dice
JRL341 Playing Cards JRL342 Geoboards
JRL328 100s Board
JRL329 Pattern Blocks JRL333 Measure
JRL330 Time JRL331 Fractions
JRL332 Shapes JRL334 Graphs & Chart
JRL336 Money
Die-Cut Magnets
Colorful write-on/wipe-off magnets punch out from an 81⁄2" x 11" sheet. Use on magnetic whiteboards, filing cabinets and more!
See page 135 for Foam Money!
ASH11300 ASH10065 ASH10062 ASH11304 ASH10067 ASH10066
Number Line (-20 to 120) Shapes
Beginning Fractions Elapsed Time (12" x 15") U.S. Coins
U.S. Dollars
$7.99 ASH10060 $4.99 ASH10068 $4.99 ASH10063 $8.99 ASH10064 $4.99 ASH11302 $4.99 ASH10061
Canadian Coins Canadian Dollars Tangrams Comparative Fractions Dominoes
Foam Manipulatives
Colorful, thick foam sheet with a write-on/
wipe-off surface! Pieces are die-cut and $4.99 removable. 81⁄2" x 11". 1 $3.99 Each
$4.99 ASH40009 $4.99 ASH40014 $4.99 ASH40016 $8.99 ASH40019 $4.99 ASH40020
Hot Dots® Jr.
Let’s Master Math
Colorful Shapes ASH40030 Tangrams ASH40031 Emoji Counters ASH40013 Paw Shaped Counters ASH40015 Place Value ASH40012
Decimal Place Value Place Value Counting Bars Fraction Circles Comparative Fractions Dice
Pete the Cat®
Cool Cat Math Games
These book & pen sets provide children with 100 lessons on a variety of reading or math skills appropriate for each grade. Each set includes two 50-page books and a Hot Dots® Pen (Ace for PreK and K and traditional pen for grades 1–3). Pen requires 2 “AAA” batteries, not included. $24.99 Each
EI-2372 Grades PreK+ EI-2373 Grades K+
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Turn students into cool math cats with this groovy game! Players practice grade-level math by drawing cards and answering questions. A correct answer earns the player a Pete button. The first player to earn four buttons wins the game! Includes 120 cards, 16 buttons, and directions with additional activities. $14.99 Each EP-63530 Grade K
EP-63531 Grade 1
PETE THE CAT © 1999, 2010 James Dean by arrangement with MerryMakers, Inc. PETE THE CAT is a Registered Trademark of James Dean, US Reg. #3820216
EI-2374 Grades 1+ EI-2375 Grades 2+

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