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150 Mathematics • Games & Activities
4 games in each box!
Quiz-Quiz-Trade: Mathematics
Transform your mathematics curriculum into a fun and interactive quizzing game! Students will be up, moving about the classroom, quizzing each other on essential math skills, and coaching and praising each other. Great for practicing concepts, test prep, and for revisiting concepts throughout the year in a
I Have... Who Has...?
A fun way to engage the entire class in practicing math skills! Each box provides 4 set of cards for
4 different games. $16.99 Each TCR7817 Grades 1–2. Addition, Subtraction, Number Patterns, Greater Than/Less Than. TCR7818 Grades 2–3. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Place Value
TCR7819 Grades 3–4. Multiplication 1-6, Multiplication 1-12, Division, Fractions.
TCR7833 Grades 4–5. Money, Division, Rational Numbers, Adding & Subtracting Fractions. TCR7834 Grades 5–6. Division, Rational Numbers, Linear Expressions, Reducing Fractions.
Math Spinners
Create fun games to learn about essential math skills! Each set contains 4 spinners and 4 double-
fun quizzing format. 192-224 pages.
$24.00 Each
JRL522 JRL520 JRL521 JRL525
Numbers Place Value Shape Blank
Grades K–2 Grades 2–4 Grades 3–6
sided boards. Grades PreK+ 1
$9.99 Each
6 Mathematics
This set of educational games and activities teaches numbers 0-20, 0-100, place value 0-1,000, addition and subtraction. Children will love solving number equations to win the game! Includes 4 board games, 18 dominoes, 1 flip- per, spinner, counters and die. Grades K+ 1
Value Safari
Players must fill
their safari boards
with base ten units and
rods to escape the hungry tiger!
Students will learn about adding
and subtracting in tens, the language of exchange, and grouping in tens. Includes playing boards, counters, dice, and base ten units. 2-4 players. Grades 2–5 1
Curriculum Mastery® Math Games
DD-2867 NP-231001
NP-232001 NP-233001 NP-234001 NP-235001 NP-236001 NP-237001 NP-238001
Grade 1. Skip Counting; Number Line; One Less, One More; Telling Time; Counting Coins; Addition Facts to 10;
Simple Shapes; Patterns; and more!
Grade 2. Place Value; Fractions; Addition Facts; Subtraction Facts; Comparing Objects; Measurement; Calendar; Graphs; Probability; and more!
Grade 3. Double Digit Addition; Double Digit Subtraction; Money to $5; Greater Than/Less Than; Estimation; Multiplication Facts; and more!
Grade 4. Rounding Numbers; Data Analysis; Graphs; Multiplication/Division; Add/Subtract Fractions; Decimals; Algebra; Geometry; and more!
Grade 5. Whole Numbers to Millions; Equivalent Fractions; Order Decimals; Percents as Fractions/Decimals; Exponential & Scientific Notation; and more!
Grade 6. Commutative/Associative Properties; Distributive Property; Multiply/Divide Fractions; Order of Operations; Area of Triangles; Statistics; and more!
Grade 7. Organizing Data; Applying Percents; Fraction Operations; Using Integers; The Pythagorean Theorem; Algebraic Equations; and more!
Grade 8. Polynomials & Exponents; Equations and Inequalities; Theoretical Probability & Counting; Linear Relationships; Sequences; Functions; and more!
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Comprehensive coverage of the current NCTM standards! Each game includes enough materials for 36 students–25 sets of 30 review cards; 12 double-sided, laminated game boards; and a 1-year online subscription.   1 $99.95 Each

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