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Math Fundamentals
Demystify the new math with Math Fundamentals! The math models and problem-solving templates in this series will guide your students through success- fully analyzing and solving grade-level math problems. Each unit focuses on a cluster
of the standards, so it’s easy to target your instruction. The mathematical practices and standards are also included for each unit for easy reference. 224 pages. $19.99 Each
SC-579937 SC-579938 SC-579939 SC-579940 SC-579941
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
EMC3081 Grade 1
EMC3082 Grade 2
EMC3083 Grade 3
EMC3084 Grade 4 EMC3085 Grade 5 EMC3086 Grade 6
Daily Math
300 daily math warm-ups!
Daily Warm-Ups: Math
Quick, easy, effective activities support standards and help students improve skills they need for success in testing. Each book is divided into five sections: Numbers and Numeration; Operations; Measurement and Geometry; Graphs; Data and Probability; and Algebra, Patterns and Functions.
Daily Math Starters
180 Math Problems for Every Day
of the School Year
Prep students for learning with this collection of quick daily skill-building problems from the cre- ators of the award-winning classroom magazine, Dynamath. Each week’s set of problems highlights different math concepts with questions that grow more challenging each day—from simple operations to multi-step word problems. 80 pages. $12.99 Each
Activities for each day of the week focus on a spe- cific math strand, including number sense, algebra, measurement, data management and geometry. Teachers can use these activities with a whole group, small group or when working individually with students. Reproducible with answers included.
98-102 pages. CTP8187 Grade 1 CTP8188 Grade 2 CTP8189 Grade 3
$15.99 Each CTP8190 Grade 4
CTP8191 Grade 5 CTP8192 Grade 6
176 pages.
TCR3959 TCR3960 TCR3961
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
TCR3962 TCR3963 TCR3964
$18.99 Each
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
SC-815957 SC-815958 SC-815959
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
SC-815961 SC-815962 SC-815963
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
Daily Word Problems
Develop students’ problem-solving skills with Daily Word Problems. The all-NEW word problems are written to support cur- rent math standards and provide a spiral review of math concepts and problem solv- ing. 36 weeks of activities provide practice of grade-level math concepts. Scope & sequence chart included. 128 pages. $20.99 Each
New Edition- Completely Revised!
Daily Math Practice
36 Weeks • 10-15 Minute Lessons • M-Fri Practice Format
Activities practice number relationships, mathematical reasoning and processes, and computational fluency. Includes models and tools to aid students in prob- lem solving and open-ended questions. Includes home–school connection down- loadable activities in English and Spanish. $22.99 Each
EMC750 Grade 1
EMC751 Grade 2
EMC752 Grade 3
EMC3091 Grade 1 EMC3092 Grade 2 EMC3093 Grade 3
EMC3094 Grade 4 EMC3095 Grade 5 EMC3096 Grade 6
EMC753 Grade 4 EMC754 Grade 5 EMC755 Grades 6+
Straight Forward Math
A straightforward way to teach, review and test essential math skills! Concepts are presented and explained, modeled by example, and prac- ticed in focused exercises. Periodic review and testing help to measure attained and retained skills. Answer key included. 40 pages.
Problem Solving
Practice Cards
100 Cards for Strategic Math Thinking
These activity cards build student confidence in problem solving as they progress from strategies and procedures to a deep understanding of math concepts. Featuring classroom-tested problems, each card also suggests a specific problem-solving strategy to be used, such as drawing a picture, using a model, or solving an equation. Each set contains 100 (4" x 6") cards—20 for each
$7.99 Each REMGP039 REMGP017
Fractions. Grades 2–3 Advanced Multiplication. Grades 3+
Pre-Algebra Book 1. Grades 4–8 Pre-Algebra Book 2. Grades 4–8 Pre-Geometry Book 1.
Grades 4–8 Pre-Geometry Book 2. Grades 4–8
Resources • Mathematics 151
of the 5 domains, and a teacher activity guide. DD-211279 Grade 3 DD-211281 Grade 5 DD-211280 Grade 4
100 Math Practice Pages
A perfect way to support students who need extra practice with num- bers and counting, place value, addi- tion, subtraction, time, measurement, shapes, graphs, and more! 112 pages. $15.99 Each
$14.99 Each

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