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Resources • Mathematics  153
Curriculum Mastery®
Math Flip Charts
Provides a hands-on review of standards-based curriculum skills. Each set is comprised of 10 write-on/wipe-off, double-sided flip charts, each expressly developed to address the standards
for its specific grade.
NP-331001 Grade 1 NP-332001 Grade 2 NP-333001 Grade 3 NP-334001 Grade 4
$39.95 Each
NP-335001 NP-336001 NP-337001 NP-338001
Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
180 Days of Problem Solving Practice, Assess, Diagnose
Help students build problem-solving skills using real- life situations. Improve critical-thinking and reason- ing skills with visual models, multiple strategies, and multi-step non-routine word problems. Supports college and career readiness. Digital resources
180 Days of Math
Practice, Assess, Diagnose
This series provides 180 daily practice activities to build and gauge students’ mathematical fluency. Each problem is tied to a specific mathematical concept. Data-driven assessment tips are provided. Supports college and career readiness. Digital resources included. 208 pages. $19.99 Each
included. 216-232 pages. SEP51612 Grade K SEP51613 Grade 1 SEP51614 Grade 2 SEP51615 Grade 3
$19.99 Each SEP51616 Grade 4
SEP51617 Grade 5 SEP51618 Grade 6
SEP50803 Grade K SEP50804 Grade 1 SEP50805 Grade 2 SEP50806 Grade 3
SEP50807 Grade 4 SEP50808 Grade 5 SEP50802 Grade 6
Math Learning Centers
These complete, easy-to-use learning centers are designed for either teacher directed instruction or independent learning working in groups of 2–4 students. Each center includes a self-checking Curriculum Mastery® game with one laminated, double-sided game board, 30 illustrated question cards, game pieces, 4 laminated 11" x 17" Visual Learning GuidesTM, and student
instructions. Grades 1–2
$24.95 Each
Hundred Counting Chart
Place Value
All About Time
Length, Capacity, Weight & Temp Data & Graphs
NP-236910 NP-236913 NP-236914 NP-236915 NP-236916 NP-236917
Telling Time Addition Facts Subtraction Facts Money
NP-236919 NP-236922 NP-236923 NP-236925 NP-236926 NP-236927
Math Bulletin Board Chart Sets
“Write-on/wipe-off” charts are ideal for classroom reference or student activities! Each 12" x 18" chart is laminated and double-sided—Side 1 features a graphic overview of the topic; Side 2 provides “write-on/wipe-off” activities.
NP-931502 NP-931501 Addition&Subtraction,Setof6$18.95
Set of 6
Data, Graphs & Probability, Set of 6
Graphs & Functions, Set of 4 Algebra Skills, Set of 7 Perimeter, Circumference, Area & Volume, Set of 5
$18.95 $13.95 $21.95
Grades 1–3
NP-931502 NP-931503 NP-931504
Shapes & Figures, Set of 6 Time & Money, Set of 5 Numbers, Set of 6
$18.95 $15.95 $18.95
Grades 3–5
NP-932501 NP-933501 NP-933502
Measurement, Set of 4 $13.95
Fractions, Set of 7 $21.95 Ratios, Decimals & Percents,
Set of 7 $21.95 Multiplication & Division,
Set of 5 $15.95
Grades 6–8
NP-936501 NP-936502
NP-936504 NP-936505 NP-936506
Geometry, Set of 6 $18.95 Integers, Rational & Real Numbers,
Enough materials for up to 4 students!

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