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The PowerClix®
Super-strong magnetic force creates a quick connect for fast, simple and powerful 3D modeling! Trilingual Activity Guide gives young builders step-by-step instructions on how to create a variety of models while teaching them the basics of science, con- struction and engineering.
PowerClix® Frames
Frames have colorful, trans- lucent plastics and geometric shapes that allow for open- ended 2D and 3D constructions. Grades K+
Make Your Own Electronic Circuits
Children piece together circuit blocks in different combinations to become more familiar with how a circuit works while also developing problem-solving skills. Starter Set contains on switch, battery pack, buzzer, light, 5 direction pieces
and a helicopter piece. The Expansion Pack challenges students to make bigger and more complex electronic circuits by adding more electronic blocks, lights and switches. Each set includes activity sheet with circuit ideas. Batteries not
Hands-On Activities • STEM/STEAM  155
GD-9199 26 pieces
GD-9200 48 pieces
GD-9201 74 pieces
GD-9202 100 pieces
$69.95 $109.95 $139.95
PowerClix® Solids
Solids are excellent for introduc- tion to the basics of volume and mass, as well as color theory. Grades PreK+
GD-9420 24 pieces $39.95 GD-9421 44 pieces $69.95 GD-9422 70 pieces $109.95 GD-9423 94 pieces $139.95
JRL125 JRL126
Starter Set, 11 pieces. Grades PreK+ Extension Set, 9 pieces. Grades K+
$29.99 Each
Build, create and design your own maze!
Starter Set
The Mighty Maze Maker! Innovative tiles with raised edges are specially designed to drop in and connect easily–every piece connects to every other piece! Maze-O gets kids thinking and playing for hours, as they create seemingly limitless labyrinths with dead-ends and turns. Includes 52 pieces and 15 double- sided design cards. Grades PreK+
KEVA® Plank Sets
No glue or connectors required...simply stack the precision-milled, solid pine KEVA planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. It’s the ideal activity to help kids gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design. Contraptions includes 2 balls for de- signing ball track structures. Each set includes 200 pine planks and a full-color idea book with build-out instructions. $49.95 Each
MWA50089 MWA44156
KEVA® Structures. Grades K+ KEVA® Contraptions. Grades 2+
Q-BA-MAZETM is not your ordinary marble run! The ingenious pieces interlock in endless con- figurations, while double-exit cubes keep you guessing on which way the marbles will go. It’s a live demonstration of probability, physics and art, all in one! Deluxe Lights Set features cubes that light up as marbles race through. Rails Extreme Set includes 18 straight-away rails that send your marbles zooming from cube to cube. The Ultimate Stunt Set features every stunt in the Q-BA-MAZE arsenal, plus three exciting additions–the spiral sphere, quad-exit cubes and marble
catchers. Grades 1+ 1, 6
KEVA® Brain BuildersTM
Train young brains to think in multiple dimensions, transferring 2-D information into 3-D reality! Brain Builders has a 2-D diagram on one side of each card, and a photographic solution on the other. Brain Builders Junior features a photo of a fun, recognizable object to replicate. Each set includes 20 KEVA planks, 30 double-
MWA68246 MWA13777823 MWA68482
Deluxe Lights Set NEW! $59.95
Rails Extreme Set NEW!
sided cards and instructions in a zippered carrying case. MWA66009 KEVA® Brain Builders. Grades 2+ MWA68337 KEVA® Brain Builders Junior. Grades PreK+
$14.95 Each
Ultimate Stunt Set
$99.95 $129.95
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