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Smart PolyTM Double-Sided Learning Mats
Heavy duty double-sided surface for fun and colorful learning on both sides. Each side has a seperate design. Use with dry erase or water based markers and washable crayons. 12" x 17" size. $3.99 Each
ASH95000 ASH95001 ASH95002 ASH95003 ASH95004 ASH95024 ASH95005 ASH95006 ASH95007 ASH95008
US Map Basic
US Map Physical
World Map Basic
World Map Physical Canada Map Basic Canada Map Physical Sight Words 1st & 2nd 100 Multiplication
ASH95009 ASH95010 ASH95011 ASH95012 ASH95013 ASH95014 ASH95015 ASH95016 ASH95017 ASH95018
Prewriting/ Shapes Manuscript Handwriting Cursive Handwriting Solar System
Periodic Table
US Presidents/ First Ladies
Telling Time
ASH95019 ASH95020 ASH95021 ASH95022 ASH95023 ASH95025 ASH95026 ASH95027 ASH95029
Human Body
ABC/ Numbers 1-20
Keyboard Basics/ Internet Safety Colors/ Shapes
Numbers 1-10
Canadian Prime Ministers/ Government French Sight Words 100 1st & 2nd Year US Currency, Coins & Bills
Canadian Currency, Coins & Bills
Smart PolyTM Welcome Banners
Write-on/ wipe-o  heavy duty washable all poly banner, no lamination required. Use with dry erase, water based markers and washable crayons. Great for writing messages & notes to the class. Large 9" x 24" size. $2.99 Each
SmartTimeTM To Go
60 min. visual timer. Alarm sounds batteries. Portable and easy to use 3" x 3" size. 2 1⁄2" x 2 1⁄2" screen size. ASH49000 $24.99
ASH91900 ASH91901 ASH91902 ASH91903 ASH91904
B&W Polka Dots Confetti
Chalk Dots Burlap Stitched Emoji
Weather Smart WheelTM
Smart PolyTM. Write-on/ wipe-o . No lamination required. Turn the wheel to match the weather &  ll in daily information/ daily forecast. 2 pieces, no assembly required. Grommet hole at the top for easy hanging.
13" x 19" size. $4.99 Each ASH91600 English ASH91601 French ASH91602 Spanish
Confetti Storage
& Book Bags
Hanging handle bags.
Store, organize and safeguard documents, pictures, homework, etc. Clear plastic poly bag with strong snap-shut handles. Blank space on the front allows for writing assignments, names, goals or any type of label.
Extra strong & durable material.
when time is up. Includes 2 AAA anywhere. Great for therapy!
$11.99 Each ASH10566 ASH10585
10 1⁄2" x 12 1⁄2" 6-Pack 11" x 16" 5-Pack

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