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Hands-On Activities • STEM/STEAM  159
Brackitz® Inventor
With plastic planks and rotating connectors, this set is great for larger builds and enables anyone to create and invent with moving
Brackitz® Bugz Play Park
Race your motorized bug through crazy obstacles like the Toppling Tower, Super Spinner or make your own! 47 pieces. 1
Brackitz® STEAM Classroom Sets
Brackitz opens a world of discovery with planks and connecting hubs that spark imagination and creativity. Students can create 3D structures, simple machines, animals, houses, spaceships and more. Every Brackitz build starts with the Struc- tures Module. Add-on modules work with Structures to open new design and build creations. Each module includes a sturdy storage bin and 25+ free online, standards aligned lessons and activities. Grades PreK–6 1
Structures Base Module
Students can design and build an endless variety of structures, from skyscrap- ers to submarines, dinosaurs to storybook characters using the kit’s multi-use
parts. 100 pieces.
With wheels, axles, hubs and rubber-band drivetrains, kids can design and build 10 driving machines–from
a spinning gyro-copter to a space rover. 43 pieces. 1
planks, rotating pieces and connecting hubs. 320 pieces.
Add-On Modules
$149.99 $149.99 $149.99
Brackitz® Driver
BKZ82121 BKZ82122 BKZ82123
Wheels & Axles. 196 pieces
Pulleys & Cranks. 205 pieces
Gears, Sprockets & Chains. 503 pieces
Wheel and Axle
Brackitz® Pulleys
Complete STEAM Center
Engineers of all ages will have fun building 8 contraptions–from a moving draw bridge
This is the BIG ONE! It gives you Structures, Pulleys & Cranks, Wheels & Axles, and Gears, Sprockets, & Chains all in one. 1,224 pieces.
BKZ82140 $649.99
Simple Machines
Budding young scientists will love learning about using simple machines in everyday situations. Along the way, readers will be supported by expertly leveled text, a strong text-photo match and appropriate text load.
Set of 6 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–2 CAP9781543500974 $41.70
Simple Machines Classroom Set
Handcrafted from durable hardwood, these engaging models are designed to show the operation of a particular device. Each student- sized model includes an activity guide detailing the history of the model, practical applications and classroom experiments. Models measure 6"-18" and are excellent for small groups or individual study. Set of 12. Grades 2+ 1
to a 4-foot flying zip line. 77 pieces. 1 BKZ82213
Simple Machines Set
Students can construct, examine and explain simple machines to develop a deeper understanding of how they make work easier. Modify machines with
4 included weights and 8 included rubber bands to explore effort, force, load, motion and distance. Labeled pieces assemble easily and separate to store. Includes Activity Guide. Largest models (pulley and inclined plane) measure 51⁄2"L x 51⁄2"W x 12"H. 63 pieces. Grades 5+ 1
• Lever
• Wheel & Axle
• Pulley
• Fulcrum Balance • Pendulum
• Wedge
• Inclined Plane
• Gear Rack
• Screw
• Motion Converter • Gear Train
• Block & Tackle
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