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160 STEM/STEAM • Teacher Resources & Activities
Energy Revolution
StoryTime STEM
Cultivate children’s natural curiosity by using favorite rhymes and stories to introduce early STEM concepts. Explore how to keep Humpty Dumpty from break-
ing after a fall, design a system for Jack and Jill to bring water down the the hill, and more. Each rhyme and tale comes with 3 STEM activities and recording
Mysteries Kit
20 Intriguing Mysteries With Hands-On Science Investigations
This kit contains everything you need
to engage kids in real-world science learning. Students read a captivating mystery story and solve the mystery using hands-on science. An easy and engaging way to build cross-curricular connections between ELA and STEM! Grades 3–6
SC-809900 Grades 1–3 SC-809901 Grades 4–6
Cutting-Edge STEM
$49.99 Each
sheets. 80 pages.
$12.99 Each
SC-831696 SC-831697
Grades PreK–K Grades K–2
STEM Instant Activities
30 Hands-On Investigations
with Anchor Texts and Videos
This comprehensive pack features 15 engaging top- ics in life, physical, and earth sciences that support the Next Generation Science Standards. Each topic comes in a self-contained folder with an anchor text from the award-winning SuperScience Magazine, multiple copies of two hands-on investigations, companion reproducible recording sheets, manage- ment tips, plus links to an online video and bonus
Hands-On Science Fun
Each of these books gives safe, simple step-by-step instructions for a fun project that will help young readers understand science. Set of 6 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–2 CAP9781543509670
Clean energy technology is getting cheaper, and jobs in these fields are growing. This series will introduce young readers to the science and engineering behind four of
the most common sources of clean energy being used today. Set of 4 books, 32 pages
Explore the fascinating details and latest news on the hottest topics!. Photos, screenshots, and accessible text highlight the work of cutting-edge scientists and engineers.
32 pages. Grades 3–5
LPB1541527720 3D Printing LPB1541527739 Artificial Intelligence LPB1541527747 Augmented Reality LPB1541527755 Computing with Raspberry Pi LPB1541527763 Robotics
LPB1541527771 Virtual Reality
$9.99 Each
each. Grades 3–6
GRG4000555 GRG4000577 GRG4000566 GRG4000599
Just Add MilkTM. Multiple experiments encourage a curiosity of science combined with a love for art. Grades K+ $16.95 Just Add GlueTM. A basic introduction to chemistry and material engineering. Grades 1+ $24.95 Just Add SunTM. Learn how solar energy works and discover eco-friendly energy alternatives. Grades 3+ $29.00 Just Add Sugar. Make your own candy and sugar cubes, then clean up with your own homemade soaps. Grades 3+ NEW!
Just Add...
Science + Art Kits
A perfect blend of both art and science at its best! Dis- cover scientific reactions, stretch your imagination, and realize the power of the sun while applying your creative side.
From the Editors of SuperScience® Magazine!
Renewable Energy Kit
Make understanding renewable, sustainable,
“green” energy exciting & hands-on!
For indoor or outdoor use, this resource comes in a modular format with 4 inter- changeable monitors to show differing outputs from the 3 interchangeable power heads (one base). Made of high-impact plastic, the base is 7" x 10", the maximum height is 20", monitors are 31⁄2" in diameter. Includes 20' of clear tubing for the water module, suggested activities and general teacher’s information. Grades 3–8 DD-81170 Renewable Energy Kit $209.99 DD-2194 Investigating Renewable Energy: Activities for the Renewable Energy Kit.
84 pages. $9.99

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