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Health & Nutrition • Science  163
Dental X-Rays
X-rays provide excellent examples of the benefits of good dental habits, and the consequences of bad habits. A great tool for teaching kids how regular visits to the den- tist are an essential part of teeth maintenance! Set of 15 x-rays, teeth chart and guide. Grades K+
R-59269 $19.99
Cross-Section Tooth Model
Two-part 5" foam model is labeled on one side with the main parts of a tooth: enamel, dentin, pulp, cementum, nerves, blood vessels, root and crown. The other half is labeled with letters for assessment. Includes Activity Guide. Grades 2+ LER1904 $19.99
Healthy Eating with MyPlate
Oral Hygiene Model
The perfect tool for the instruction of brushing techniques and proper oral hygiene. Model features a hinged jaw and movable tongue. Also includes a 9" demonstration toothbrush.
AEP71420 $44.99
From Farm to Fork:
Where Does My Food Come From?
Engaging text informs the reader that the food we eat often has to go through a long journey to end up on our plates. Beautiful color photographs! Set of 4 books,
24 pages each. Grades K–2
CAP9781484633748 $27.96
Healthy HelpingsTM MyPlate Game
Be the first to fill your plate with a balanced meal! Follows the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines. Food cards with real-life photos are self-checking (backs match food groups). Includes Activity Guide, 50 food cards, spinner and 4 place- mats measuring 9"L x 81⁄2"H. 2-4 players. Grades PreK+  1 LER2395 $19.99
The importance of having a balanced diet is discussed in this series on the differ- ent food groups. Each book uses simple comparisons to explain that some foods are healthier than others, and gives readers ideas for creating their own meals. Supports the new USDA nutrition standards. Set of 6 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–1
HE-9781432969868 $37.74
mighty brightTM Placemats
From mealtime to craft time, these placemats will brighten up your space. Made of assorted color card- stock with rounded corners. 11" x 17". Pack of 24.
HYG87124 $6.99
Magnetic Healthy Foods
Beautifully illustrated foods represent the 5 main food groups. Set comes with 34 magnetic pieces, write & wipe magnetic placemat, menu pad and suggested activities. Placemat measures 12" x 161⁄2". Grades PreK+ 1, M
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