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Skeletal system on reverse side
Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body
Twice the learning—skeletal system on one side and major organs and muscle groups on the other! Realistically detailed pieces combine to create a body over 3'H. Includes multilingual Activity Guide with reproducible diagrams. 17 pieces. Grades K+
LER6044 $24.99
The Human Body Learning Charts Combo Pack
Colorful 17" x 22" charts illustrate the systems of the human body. The back of each chart features teacher-created reproducible activities, subject information, and helpful hints. Set of 7. Grades 5–9
T-38913 $20.99
Download the free 4D app to make your smart chart or puzzle come alive!
Human Anatomy Interactive Smart Chart & Puzzle
Bring the human body to life through an interactive Augmented and Virtual Real- ity infused smart chart or puzzle. Connect and play with the all the bodily systems through stunning animations, thought provoking game, educational read-alongs, and so much more! Grades 3+
Chart, 42" x 32"
150-pc. Puzzle, 19" x 14"
Human Heart Model
Soft foam model comes apart to create a cross-section view for hands-on demonstrations. The areas of
the heart are labeled on the
inside of one side with corre- sponding letters on the other
side to help with test prepara-
tion. Activity Guide provides detailed information on the heart and how it functions. Measures 5"L. Grades 2+
LER1902 $19.99
$19.99 $9.99
Human Body • Science  165
Real functioning stethoscopes allow children to listen to their own heartbeats and experience how the body works. Set of 4. Grades K+ AEP71348 $19.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Real x-ray images printed on clear, heavy duty plastic. Holding the x-rays up to the light or using a light table makes a fun science activity for students! Guide included. Grades K+
Arrange the pieces to compose a complete body!
Human X-Rays
Arrange these life-size x-rays to compose a complete 5' tall human body. Set of 18. R-5911 $31.49
Broken Bones X-Rays
A detailed look at the most commonly broken bones. Set of 15.
R-5914 $29.99
Fixed Bones X-Rays
Images show the plates, screws, and pins used to fix broken bones. Set of 14. R-59255 $19.99

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