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Life Science • Science 167
Guided Science
Readers Super Set:
A BIG collection of high-interest leveled books for guided read- ing groups! Inside the sturdy red tub, you'll find 6 copies of 24 photo-filled titles (6 titles for each level, A-D) for a total of 144
books. All your students' favorite top- ics are here: bats, frogs, butterflies,
penguins, whales, wolves, farm animals, and more. Includes a
144-page teaching guide.
Explore Life Cycles
This series gives an introduction to the life cycles of both plants and animals. Beginning readers will learn how new life begins, develops, and reproduces. Set of 6 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–2
CAP9781515770978 $41.70
Grades PreK–1
Chick Life Cycle Exploration Set
Life Cycles
Science Vocabulary Readers
Boost students’ nonfiction reading skills and their vocabularies with these super-engaging titles packed with fascinating facts and eye-popping photos! Content correlates with Guided Reading levels J-K. Box set includes 36 full-color, 24-page readers (6 copies of 6 titles) and a 24-page teaching guide. Grades 1–3
Students can see the day-by-day development of a chick by cracking open this set of 21 eggs. Eggs 1-20 contain realistic illus- trations. Final egg opens to reveal a plastic 3-D chick. Eggs and plastic tray are labeled for self-checking and easy organization. Includes 15" x 81⁄2" storage tray and activity guide. Grades K+ LER2733 $34.99
Life Cycle Stages
Oversized, anatomically-accurate figures show how creatures change as they
grow. Sets of 4. Grades PreK+ 1
$7.99 Each
Convenient 5-chart pack includes Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Life Cycle of a Frog, Life Cycle of a Chicken, Life Cycle of a Plant, and A Food Chain. Each chart includes reproducibles, tips, and teaching informa- tion on the back. 17" x 22". Set of 5. Grades K–3 T-38934 $14.99
ILP2215 Bee
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Authentic 4-Stage Life Cycle Sets
Praying Mantis
ILP2610 Frog
Life Cycles
Learning Charts Combo Pack

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