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168 Science • Life Science
Butterfly Garden®
See the caterpillars transition as they mature, change into chrysalides, and finally emerge as Painted Lady butterflies! Includes colorful pop-up reusable habitat, voucher for 5-10 live caterpillars with special food ($7.95 fee required for shipping), feeding dropper and complete instructions. Grades PreK+ 1
Bonus! Butterfly Lifecycle Figures included in ILP1070
Hang it, free stand it, or put on a countertop!
Butterfly Net
Makes catching bugs a breeze! Durable frame and deep, secure netting. Detachable handle for easy storage. 131⁄2"L assembled. Grades PreK+ 1
Butterfly Pavilion®
24"H. (10 caterpillars).
ILP1885 $39.99
Giant Butterfly Garden®
18"H. (5 caterpillars). Includes Bonus Butterfly Life Cycle Figures. ILP1070 $29.99
Butterfly Garden® 12"H.
(5 caterpillars). ILP1010 $24.99
Ant MountainTM
Watch as ants work to create an amaz-
ing network of underground tunnels, walkways, and secret chambers. Features an escape-proof locking lid, special “Easy Dig” sand, fun ant activities, and complete instructions. Mail the voucher in the kit and receive a generous supply of live ants ($4.00 fee required for shipping). Grades 1+ ILP5510 $24.99
The World of Eric CarleTM
The Grouchy LadybugTM
Growing Kit
Follow little ladybug larvae on their fascinating journey from tiny larvae, to pupae, and finally, to adult ladybugs! Includes domed habitat, watering dropper, voucher to redeem for a tube of 10-13 Grouchy Ladybug Larvae ($7.95 fee required for shipping) with special food and
Growing Kit
Fans of The Very Hungry Cat- erpillarTM story will love seeing the real-life versions of their very hungry caterpillars grow, explore and transform! Includes reusable 12" Butterfly Habitat, special butterfly feeder, feeding dropper, voucher to redeem a cup of 5 Very Hungry Caterpillars ($7.95 fee required for shipping) with special food and complete instructions. Grades PreK+ 1
complete instructions. Grades PreK+
The Very Hungry
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Creature Peeper
With two magnified view- ing portals, this escape- proof 3X magnification viewer lets kids take a closer look at fascinating insects and small objects. Includes your very own Grouchy Ladybug! Grades PreK+ 1 ILP8120 $10.99
Bug Jar
This portable habitat is ventilated, shatter proof, and easy for little hands to carry. When observa- tions are over, simply unscrew the lid and set critters free! Great for ladybugs, spiders and beetles. Includes your very own Grouchy Lady- bug! Grades PreK+ 1 ILP8135 $7.99
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