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Life Science • Science  171
Worm Vue WondersTM
Perform experiments to demonstrate how worms live and work underground. Kit includes double-sided viewing unit with shield and tray, experiment booklet, facts & anatomy poster, worm cutouts, grow tray & tomato seeds, mail-in certificate for worms ($12.95 fee required for shipping), soil and starter food. Grades PreK+ 1
Root-Vue Farm®
Plant the seeds and follow the roots as they grow down. Have a root race and watch the carrots, radishes and onions take form before your eyes! Kit includes self-watering grow unit, 8 special biopower grow mix wafers, 3 packs of seeds, identification labels and 16 page booklet with instructions and experiments. Grades PreK+ 1
Hydroponics Lab
Get a 360° view of growing plants from the roots up! Ideal for science fair projects and controlled experi- ments, this set of 3 transparent tubes is a no-soil, mess-free way to explore hydroponics with water or any other media. Water in the shat- terproof plastic tubes creates an amazing magnified view of the roots! Telescoping rods support plants as they grow. Activity guide provides experiment ideas. Grades K+ EI-5099 $24.99
Plant Cell Model
Soft foam model splits in half to provide a cross-section view and make learning the parts of a plant cell easy! One half of the colorful model is labeled with the parts of the cell, and the other is labeled with letters only. Activity guide included. Measures 5"L. Grades 4+
LER1901 $19.99
HSP162 HSP163
Root-Vue Farm® Refill Kit
$34.95 $18.00
Sprout & GrowTM Window
Get a Worm’s-Eye View of Root Growth! Children can watch roots developing and growing in the soil through the large, trans- parent Sprout & GrowTM Window. Includes packets of bean and pea seeds, nutrient- enriched Wonder Soil®, and a step-by-step guide. Measures 41⁄2"D x 101⁄2"W x 9"H. Grades K+ 1
All About Plants
Simple, accessible text breaks down crucial concepts and key vocabulary, and stunning photographs of a wide variety of plants show how diverse plants can be. Set of 5 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–1 CAP9781484638613 $29.95
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Science AllianceTM: Life Science
This award-winning series is a great way to add fun, depth, and critical thinking to science instruction on a variety of topics. Each book includes a wide range of experiments, projects, and possible careers along with the required skills and education. 32 pages.
Plant Parts
Grades 2+
$6.99 Each
Plant Cells & Animal Cells
Set of all 4 titles $27.96
Uncover the amazing and clever ways in which
every part of a plant is designed to do a specific job. Features stunning photographs and two experiments or activities in each book. Set of 5 books, 32 pages each. Grades 2–4
HE-9781410962843 $39.95

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