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172 Science • Earth Science
Crayola® Seasons
Vibrant photos and descriptive text encourage readers to notice color in the real world. Illustrations demonstrate art techniques and encourage readers to create art inspired by the seasonal colors around them. Set of 4 books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–3
Exploring the Seasons
What makes each season unique? Simple text and large, clear photos explore the changes in weather activities, and clothing that mark each season. Set of 4
LPB1541514742 LPB154155504X
$27.96 $31.96
English Spanish NEW!
Insta-SnowTM is an amazing powder that turns ordinary water into a white fluffy fake snow! Just add a little water and watch the white powder expand to 100 times its origi- nal size. 100-gram jar makes approximately 2 gallons of snow. 1 lb. Big Bag makes approximately 9 gallons of snow.
books, 24 pages each. Grades PreK–2
Measures wind direction and speed, temperature, rainfall and time!
Weather Station
Young students make observa- tions about sunlight, rainfall, wind and temperature with this rugged beginning weather station. All components are attached to one central pole that can be put in the ground or a flower pot outside the classroom window. Approx. 48"H. Grades K–3
DD-8826 $42.99
Wild Weather
Science Vocabulary Readers
Boost students’ nonfiction reading skills and their vocabularies with these super-engaging titles packed with fascinating facts and eye- popping photos! Content correlates with Guided Reading levels H-I. Box set includes 36 full-color, 16-page readers (6 copies of 6 titles) and a 24-page teaching guide. Grades 1–2
Grades PreK+
Jar, 100 grams Big Bag, 1 lb.
$12.99 $37.99
Largest Working Thermometer Available for Class Display!
Calendar & Weather
Pocket Chart
This sturdy vinyl chart with hanging grommets features 136 double-sided, full-color cards with numbers, days, months, years, holidays, cele- brations, seasons and weather conditions. Provides storage pockets that hold all cards and includes an activity guide. 303⁄4"L x 441⁄4"H. Grades PreK+ LER2418 $36.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Giant Classroom
Shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales from -40°C to 50°C and -40°F to 120°F. Recessed tube prevents breakage. Wall-mount. 30"H. Grades K+
LER0399 $36.99
Tornado Tube®
Create a tornado in a bottle! Help children discover how air pressure and density work together to create an incredible force of nature. Bottles not included. Grades PreK+ 1
BTT200 $2.49

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