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Earth Science • Science  173
Water Cycle Model
Activity Set
Make it rain in your classroom! Students can duplicate the individual processes
of the water cycle (evapora-
tion, condensation and pre-
cipitation) with this ingenious
model. Accompanying set of
ten 81⁄2" x 11" full color study
cards and transparencies will
aid students’ understanding of
the water cycle and enhance aware-
ness of the various states of water. Requires a heat lamp, not included. Grades 4–12 AEP8882
Use the cross-section model to quiz students on the different parts of a volcano
Erupting Cross-Section
Volcano Model
Cloud Forming Apparatus
This apparatus duplicates atmospheric conditions during cloud formation. It consists of a special glass flask with a rubber hose connection, pinch clamp, and large, thick walled, rubber bulb. When the atmospheric pressure is lowered, smoke particles are introduced into the chamber and a nucleus for the formation of water droplets is produced. By compressing and suddenly releasing the bulb, a dense cloud forms in the flask. Instructions included. 101⁄4" x 61⁄4" x 61⁄4".
AEP7301 $16.99
There's nothing like a volcanic eruption to get students fired up about science! Unique cross-sec- tion model includes an easy-to-prepare lava recipe, a 13" clear plastic tray and a removable tube that allows for quick clean up. Activity guide included. Measures 11"H. Grades 1+
LER2430 $49.99
Cross-Section Earth Model
Hands-on foam model makes it simple to illustrate the 4 main layers of the Earth as well as their temper- atures and depths. Activity guide included. Measures 5" in diameter. Grades K+
Earth Science Learning Charts Combo Pack
This 5-chart pack includes Solar System, Weather Factors, Layers of the Earth, Geography Terms, and Water Cycle. Each chart includes reproducibles, tips,
and teaching information on the back. 17" x 22". Set of 5. Grades 2–9
T-38929 $14.99
Seismograph Model
Simulate your own earthquakes and the seismo- graph will accurately record their intensity. Small table top unit will captivate your students as they try to top the Richter Scale! Includes detailed Teacher’s Guide. Grades 6–12
Science AllianceTM: Earth Science
This award-winning series is a great way to add fun, depth, and critical thinking to science instruction on a variety of topics. Each book includes a wide range of experiments, projects, and possible careers along with the required skills
and education. 32 pages. Grades 2+
$6.99 Each
Rocks & Minerals
Natural Disasters
Natural Resources & Conservation
Set of all 5 titles
Natural Disasters
Bulletin Board Set
This set examines commonly occurring natural disasters, their impact on human populations and the environment, and historical examples of disasters worldwide. Features 34" x 51⁄2" banner, 5 posters (one 34" x 161⁄2" and four 17" x 22")
and teacher guide. 6 pieces.
NS-3053 $12.99

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