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176 Science • Magnetism
Animal Magnetism® Play Sets
Creatures with Magnet Features!
Engaging kits for learning and play feature your favorite animal friends! Bright, chunky animal magnets can pick up and carry baby and play food marbles. Each kit also includes a booklet with early literacy, math, science, social-emotional, and motor activities, plus animal fact cards. Grades PreK+ 6
1, 6
Magnet Mania Kit
A fun introduction to the fun and mystery of magnets! Includes 2 Magnet Wands, 10 magnet marbles, 50 metal- rimmed counting chips, and activity booklet. Grades PreK+
Magnet Tube
with Steel Filings
Sealed plastic display tube enables clear, 360-degree viewing. Includes scratch-resistant display tube with encased steel filings, alnico cow magnet, rubber plug, and multilingual activity booklet. Grades K+
DMCSS31 $20.99
Magnet Friends
Big Pack
Giant Horseshoe Magnet, 4 Mini Horseshoe Magnets, 4 Magnet Wands, 40 Magnet Marbles, and 9 Animal Fact Cards $54.99
Horseshoe Magnet Friends
4 Mini Horseshoe Mag- nets, 20 Magnet Marbles, and 4 Animal Fact Cards $29.99
Magnet Wand Friends
4 Magnet Wands, 20 Magnet Marbles, and 4 Animal Fact Cards $24.99
Magnet Wands, Marbles, & Chips
Grab a wand and explore! Great for magnet play, investigations, sensory tables and more. Marbles and metal-rimmed chips can be
used for sorting, counting and patterning too. Grades PreK+
Iron Filings
Create patterns within a magnetic field as the filings interact with a magnet (sold sepa- rately). 12 oz. jar with shaker top. Grades 1+ DMC731019 $6.99
DMC801 DMC736625 DMC736600 DMC736601 DMC736606 DMC736608
1, 5, 6
500 Metal-rimmed Counting Chips $29.99 Magnetic Field Viewing
Kit with Steel Filings
Steel filings are sealed in a scratch-resistant, transpar- ent tray for clear viewing of magnetic fields! Included magnets (3⁄4" disc magnet and 1" bar magnet) are rubber coated to prevent tray scratches. 31⁄2" diam. Grades 3+ M
Magnet Wand, Single
Magnet Wands Class Set, 24 wands
Magnet Wand & 5 Magnet Marbles
Magnet Wand & 20 Metal-rimmed Counting Chips $6.99 20 Magnet Marbles $6.99 75 Metal-rimmed Counting Chips & 1 Block Magne$t6.99
$1.99 $42.99 $6.99
Very First Magnet Kit
Magnetic fun for curious early learners! Includes Magnet Wand, Giant Horseshoe Magnet, 20 Metal-rimmed Counting Chips, 10 Magnet Marbles, 3 ring magnets, 2 plastic-encased button mag- nets, a plastic-encased block magnet, and activity booklet with translations in Spanish, French and German. Grades PreK+ 1, 6 DMC731200 $24.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Classroom Attractions Magnet Labs
Supplement your science curriculum with comprehensive magnet kits aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards! Investigate motion and stability, matter and its interactions and
more. Designed for groups of 5-10 students.
DMC731301 DMC731302 DMC731303
Level 1. Grades PreK–2 Level 2. Grades 1–3 1 Level 3. Grades 4–6 M
1, 6
$81.99 $119.99

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