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Great for science labs, maker spaces, and more!
Magic Penny® Magnet Kit
Perform astounding feats of magnetism as you playfully explore magnetic forces, motion and stability. Kit includes 2 super strong magnets encased in stainless steel, 32 newly-minted British coins plus a bonus US penny, and an activity booklet packed with magnet facts, penny history, and a whopping 44 activities! Grades 3+
Magnetism • Science  177
Magnet Station
sets include a
wood station
with turntable, magnet wave wires, steel station base, steel disc weights, viewing trays, plastic starting ring, iron filings, steel balls,
measuring spoon, and 48-page teacher’s guide.
Kinetic MagneticsTM Wave Wires®
Investigate magnets and their crazy, kinetic interactions! Simply place the magnet wires on the base, move them, and watch the unique ways they oscillate as their invisible magnetic forces "bounce" off one another. Grades 3–8 M
Super Magnet
Classroom Lab Kit
DMC731110 DMC731111 DMC731112
Magnet Set. Includes materials for a single student or small group.
Magnet Station. Includes materials for teacher demo and one small group.
Magnet Station Pack. Includes materials for teacher demo and 4 small groups.
$14.99 $49.99 $99.99
Super Science Magnet Kit
Investigate magnet strengths, observe force field patterns and more. Includes large steel horseshoe magnet with super strong neo- dymium feet, ceramic horseshoe, bar and disc magnets, plastic-encased red and blue N/S bar magnet, iron filings, steel shapes, compass, cork, paper clips and activity booklet translated into Spanish, German
Get magnetized! Everyone can explore with this complete 119-piece magnetic classroom set for 25 students. Kit includes: 100 magnetic chips, 5 large magnetic marbles, 7 magnetic wands, 2 metal bar magnets, 2 metal ring magnets, 2 mini metal horseshoe magnets, 1 plastic horseshoe magnet (5′′), storage box, and
Construct a gravity-defying train as you investigate magnetic fields and equilibri- um. Kit includes disc, ring, latch and neo- dymium magnets, high-force magnetic strip, plastic guide rails, compass, iron filings, wood blocks, nails and detailed activity guide with experiments and projects. Grades 5+ M
and French. Grades 3+
Magnet Levitation Kit
Teacher’s Guide. Grades K+
Horseshoe Magnets
1, 4, M
Designed to be the first magnets for younger children! Choose between our large 8" or smaller 5" magnet. Grades PreK+
PPY421 Large 8" Horseshoe PPY422 Small 5" Horseshoe
$6.99 $3.49
Electromagnet Kit
Floating Magnet Rings
Colorful rings magically levitate! Explore and investigate attraction and repulsion. Includes pencil and 6 ceramic ring magnets. Grades 3+ M DMCSS10 $6.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
A combination of our most popular magnets in one convenient kit! Includes one each of 1" horseshoe, 2" horseshoe, 2" bar magnet plus tubes of iron filings and steel shapes. Grades 3+   M DMC731009
Jumbo Magnetic Marbles
Build an electromagnet, electrical catapult, doorbell, telegraph and more! Includes neodymium and ceramic magnets, LED, iron filings, switch plates, battery holders, compass, drilled wood blocks, wire, nails, screws, sand paper, straws, and detailed activity guide with 6 experiments and 6 projects. Grades 5+ M
Jumbo-sized magnetic marbles in assorted colors.
13⁄8" diameter. Set of 5. Grades PreK+
Science AllianceTM:
Physical Science
This award-winning series is a great way to add fun, depth, and critical thinking to science instruction on a variety of top- ics. Each book includes a wide range of experiments, projects, and possible careers along with the required skills and education. 32 pages. Grades 2+
$6.99 Each GALSAPELE Electricity
GALSAPSPA Space Science GALSAPSTA States of Matter GALSAPPHYSKS Set of all 7 titles $48.93
Force & Motion Light & Color Magnetism
Alnico Magnet Kit

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