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Primary Science Tools • Science  179
Primary Science Lab Set
Real science tools perfectly sized for little hands! Includes beaker, magnifying glass, fun- nel, eyedropper, flask, tweezers, goggles, large 6" test tube with lid and stand, 2 small test tubes with lids and stand, plus Activity Guide. Set of 15 science tools. Grades PreK+ 1
Primary Science Sensory Tubes
Develop their senses and encourage science exploration with this set of 4 sturdy, clear tubes. Tubes feature dual openings and 2 solid lids for each. Four vented lids let children explore their sense of smell or secure small creatures for observation. Tubes measure 12"H x 2" in diameter. Grades PreK+
Primary Science Mix & Measure Set
Chunky tools are contoured for little hands. Scale, bowl, 3 self-standing spoons and 6 unique cup designs help young learners visualize equivalent quantities in differ- ent formats. Activity Cards introduce children to measurement and guide them in making mystery goo, puffy paint, slime and more! Set of 12. Grades PreK+ LER2783
Includes 10 Activity Cards
Primary Science
Color Mixing Glasses
Unique child-size glasses feature easy-to-change lenses–2 each of red, yellow, blue and distortion lens- es. Combine up to 2 lenses per side to teach color mixing. Wipes clean and includes color-mixing guide. Grades PreK+
Includes 10 Activity Cards
Observe the world while experimenting with colors! Place up to 3 interchangeable, pri- mary-color lenses into the frame to create secondary colors and hours of sensory fun! Includes 1 sturdy lens frame (with 3 slots) and 3 colored lenses (red, yellow, blue). Grades PreK+
Primary Science
Color Mixing Lenses
Primary Science
Safety Glasses
Functional, kid-friendly glasses. No uncomfortable straps! Adjustable arms to fit easily over children’s eyeglasses. 6 pairs in stand. Grades PreK+ LER1447 $34.99
Built-in stand for hands-free viewing!
Primary Science
Jumbo Magnifiers
with Stand
Ideal for taking a closer look at plants, animals, and insects! Each magnifier’s plastic lens measures 41⁄2" in diameter and offers 4.5x magnification. Set of 6 plus convenient stand. Grades PreK+ LER2884 $39.99
Primary Science Jumbo
Test Tubes with Stand
Chunky, durable test tubes. Plastic 6"H tubes are safe at temperatures from 10˚-200˚F and feature calibration marks (25, 50, 75 and 100 ml). Set of 6 test tubes with lids and stand.
Grades PreK+
LER2788 $15.99
Primary Science Jumbo
Eyedroppers with Stand
Perfectly sized eyedroppers are a great addition to a science center or sensory table. Set of 6 colorful droppers stores in convenient stand. Grades PreK+ LER2779 $16.99
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