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Color Safety Goggles
Reliable eye protection sized just right for students and adjustable for adults. Set of six pairs of goggles comes in three bright, translucent colors (red, blue, and green) and meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. 6"L x 3"H. Grades PreK+
Lab Equipment & Activities • Science 181
Elementary Science
Starter Kit
Outfit your classroom with this complete elementary science experiment set. Includes over 170 accessories in a handy 3-drawer cart with wheels. Grades 2+ 1 , M
LER2793 $399.99
Clear Safety Goggles
Durable plastic goggles protect eyes. Flexible body increases wearing comfort. Great for chil- dren and adults. Meets ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Grades PreK+ LER2450 $3.99
Over 150 Pieces!
Equilateral Prism
Students can explore the proper- ties of light with this acrylic prism. 4"L, 3⁄4" sides. Grades 4+
LER2058 $7.99
Jumbo Tweezers
Sized for little hands! Tweezers measure 6"L
and come in 6 colors. Includes Activity Guide and storage bucket. Set of 12. Grades K+
Test Tube & Activity Card Set
Make science fun with hands-on activities that encourage experimentation, observation, and analysis! Simple science experiments are easily adaptable for multiple grade levels. Each durable,
plastic test tube holds up to 35ml (about
1 oz). Includes 5 plastic test tubes with leak-
proof caps and stand, plus 5 double-sided
activity cards. Grades K+
More than 15 great activities in one little bag! Five giant unbreakable test tubes, each containing up to 3 cool activities and lots of science learning fun. Grades 3+ 1
Test Tube Wonders
Make up a pile
of Insta-Snow®.
Experiment with
water-proof sand.
Use the sun to
make white beads
instantly change
colors. Grow a test
tube dinosaur.
Learn how to make
water disappear.
Make squishy jelly
crystals and color them to make a rainbow tube.
Test Tube Adventures
Play with touchable bubbles—they don’t pop! Learn how plastic molding works by making your own super bouncing ball. Make up to 20 feet of slimy, gooey Insta-WormsTM. Write secret messages with disappear- ing ink. Grow bright, jiggly crystals with Kaleidagoo. BAT4420 $23.99
Petri Dishes
Essential lab tool for growing and studying cultures. Lid is triple-vented for precise airflow. High quality polystyrene. Stackable design. Non-sterile. 90mm. Set of 10.
AEP7150010RT Petri Dishes, Set of 10 $9.99
AEP7CH001CRT Petri Dishes & Agar. Set of 3 petri dishes and 3g bottle of Nutrient Agar
Shatterproof plastic droppers with rubber
bulbs. 3"L. Set of 12. 1 AEP7130012ADZRT
pH Paper
Test strips offer a distinct pH reading in the range of 1-14. Includes a color indicator card for quick visual indication of the degree of acidity or alkalinity present. Clear plastic vial contains 100 3mm x 12mm strips. AEP7300030RT $5.75
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